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VIDEO: Bennett: We Could Not Live Here If Not for the IDF


Minister of Economy Naftali Bennett on Sunday, 4 Iyar delivered a message to bereaved families on the eve of Memorial Day. Bennett himself is a major in the IDF reserves and a commander in the elite Sayeret Matkal reconnaissance unit.

“In a few hours with Israel will bow our heads in memory of those who did not return from the war, who returned from battle or injured in terrorist attacks in existence. Sometimes there is a feeling that with the quiet security returns, but this feeling is deceptive.

“Even at these moments troops stand guard along our borders, protecting us and the nation. Without these very same soldiers we would not be able to live our lives here. There is almost no one in the country who has not sacrificed for the survival of the Jewish People in Israel.

“There is no other country compelled to live with destruction, not voluntarily but out of necessity. At any given moment there are organizations and countries seeking to destroy us.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

12 Responses

  1. The “we” refers to zionists. Without the IDF, zionists would find Eretz Yisrael unacceptable. A core belief of the zionist faith is that they must rule Eretz Yisrael, and the goyim who lived there for over a millenia must be subjugated to zionist rule. Their religion requires them to be masters, and requires the goyim to be their slaves. This is a doctine rooted, as was all of zionism, in 19th cenutry European nationalism, and is not based on Torah.

    Hareidim who follow the doctrines publicized by the original Satmar Rebbe hold otherwise, and probably could live in peace with the goyim, and in fact would be better off under Islamic rule with communal autonomy, not being subject to conscription, and with the Islamic economic discrimination against non-Muslims being no more, and perhaps less, of a problem than zionist discrimination against the hareidim in today’s Israel.

  2. לו חכמו ישכילו זאת יבינו לאחרים איכה ירדוף אחד אלף…

  3. “Their religion requires them to be masters, and requires the goyim to be their slaves.”

    That is a baldfaced lie and you know it. Not a single Religious Zionist rabbi of any stature holds that way other than possibly the late Meir Kahane, who was a terrorist who distorted Torah for his political ends. And I challenge you to find even a single non-religious Zionist alive today who holds that way.

    “probably could live in peace with the goyim”

    You are as delusional as the Leftists who think we can negotiate with Hamas or Hezbollah.

  4. There are Psukim to support both sides’ Hashkafa, so no need to quote any. Never understand why the frum yidden can’t acknowledge that Hashem is helping us through the IDF. Clearly everything in this world is done with Hashem’s help and the IDF’s success is no different.

    I find it very telling that these recently established Israeli holidays (Yom HaShoah, Zikaron, Haatzmaut, etc” all occur during Sefira. It’s as if Hashem is testing us to see how we show Kavod to each other (sound familiar?).

    Let us all pass Hashem’s test and show respect for each other’s opinion and way of life.

  5. akuperma – I have an idea. why dont you try this out by moving with a group of likeminded people like yourself to ramallah or bet lechem where you can live under Islamic rule. This way you can still be living Al Admas Hakodesh under Islamic rule as you propose. Let the rest of us know how it works out for you.

  6. sure akuperma, followers of the satmar rebbe could live in peace in Eretz Yisroel without the IDF. We have all been living in peace with the goyim in all of the lands throughout history. the crusades, the inquisitions,the pogroms, the blood libels, the holocaust…oh yeah… if only there were no zionists they would not have happened, right akuperma… please go live in saudi arabia or egypt and live in peace with the goyim.

  7. #1 go ahead we’ll have the IDF not protect you and you’ll die. hashem will say to you “you idiot not only should you have supported the IDF you should have joined”.

  8. #1, JEWISH BELIEF is that JEWS must rule Eretz Yisrael. Rabbi Akiva praised the Bar Kochva rebellion because Jews were taking back Israel, despite the fact that they were definitely not G-d fearing. Subjugating goyim is not a Jewish concept, as we do have a ger toshav. And I don’t care what Hertzel or Ben Gurion’s ideology was. If you think they influence Religious Zionism at all, you need to learn a bit more.

    Most Haredim don’t follow the Satmar Rebbe’s ideology. He is a da’at yachid or a da’at mi’ut at the most. The vast majority are in fact ideologically Zionist, but they are only in a disagreement on how that affects their daily life. They obviously believe that the State and the army is a good thing. You would have to be blind to disagree. They only disagree practically regarding whether or not to go to the army, or what to do on Yom Ha’atzmaut. 90% of those who don’t stand on Yom Hazikaron don’t stand because they say it is a non Jewish concept. They instead dedicate their learning in memory to fallen soldiers. They don’t agree with HOW to remember the fallen, but they agree that they SHOULD remember them.

    But you like your American money too much to care, so whatever.

  9. The fantasy of survival under Islamic rule has shown its true colors the last decade.

    The IDF soldiers are messengers & act under”yad hashem” …. their power and or successes are preordained on Rosh Hashanah.

  10. It’s funny that he didn’t mention Hashem in his speech…

    I think the point #1 was trying to make was that all the Yidden got kicked out of their middle eastern homes around the time when the state was established. Before that they were living relatively peacefully.

    I think to say that without the IDF their could be another Holocaust chas v’shalom, but with the IDF we are now safe is complete apikorsus according to everyone.

  11. My family has been living in Eretz Yisroel for about 150 years. Under the Turkish , British. It was fine.

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