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Report: 9/11 Victims’ Remains Moving to WTC Site This Weekend

wtc.jpgThe following is a NY1 report:

The city reportedly plans to move unidentified remains of September 11th victims to the World Trade Center site on Saturday.

However, the decision is not sitting well with some victims’ families.

According to the New York Times, the families were notified about the move in an e-mail over the weekend.

The message said the remains will be placed in a special repository within the National September 11th Memorial & Museum that will not be accessible to the general public.

Some families think the space is an appropriate choice.

But others are concerned it may be prone to flooding, because it’s located at bedrock level.

Critics also say the city should have given families more than a week’s notice.

The Times says the city’s e-mail told families that they could start visiting a private Reflection Room at the repository on May 15.

The museum is set to open to the public on May 21.

(Source: NY1)

4 Responses

  1. Firstly, does this mean that they will no longer try to identify these remains? I just read last week that additional remains of one of the frum victims was just identified last week and that it was being brought to proper kevura. Secondly, does this affect whether a kohen will be permitted to visit the museum?

  2. If there’s a space of tefach around the repository then it’s a seperate ohel. Rabbanim should be consulted to insure this is not a michshol for unknowing kohanim.

  3. Someone needs to inform the great askin Yanky Mayer, he is the one who has the in on these type of problems.

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