Protect Our Future, Protect Kever David


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In recent months we have become aware of growing speculation of a most heinous plan: the agreement between the Israeli government and the Vatican to transfer the Kever of David ha Melech into their hands. Although the official story from the Prime Minister is that no such agreement has been made, there seems to be overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Italian news stations are reporting that the deal has already been done, and numerous Rabbis and MK’s have made many attempts to publicize this terrible secret.

However, this is not enough!

As the most persecuted minority on Earth, the Jewish People have faced indescribably painful tragedies, both on a personal level and on a collective level. Even before we became a unified and powerful nation, the forces of the Other Side have put forth their best efforts to attack us and keep us down. But, with the help of Hashem, we have risen from an oppressed slave nation to become the most powerful nation in the world. Although we are small in numbers, the Jewish People have made tremendous and life-changing contributions to mankind.

We are not only powerfully influential in the physical world; we are spiritually the most influential as well. We have seen, both in our personal lives and throughout history, that our dedication to the Torah has literally changed the direction of many seemingly pre-determined outcomes. One such example is the Purim saga, when Queen Esther, together with the Jewish People, were able to overturn the verdict of complete annihilation through their prayers and teshuva. We can recall the Maccabees, the mighty warriors that gave us the holiday of Chanukah, who were able to defeat the most powerful army on earth, even though logically they should never have won.

Now, we are at another pivotal moment in history- we are in danger of losing our most cherished ancestor, King David, to a religion that is our antithesis. Anyone who knows the history of the Catholic Church is fully aware that they have faithfully made it their mission to remove the religion of Judaism from the face of the Earth. They have been the cause of countless blood libels, pogroms, anti-semitic murders, and conversions. Throughout most of our history as a Jewish People, we have fought against them, through our prayers and our unwillingness to give up who we are.


No matter what they threatened us with, we never said we will stop being Hashem’s chosen. We never agreed to stop being Jews. But, now? What kind of position have we been put in? Our very own government, the one who, against all odds, made Israel into a Jewish State, is handing over the most important part of us to a group that wants to see us disappear? Do they really expect us to lie down and play dead as they, with their own two hands, do the dirty work of the ones who hate us??


We cannot ignore the signs! We cannot take what Netanyahu tells us at face value! We must do whatever we can to prevent this national and spiritual tragedy from happening! We have fought too hard and sacrificed too much of our own blood, our children’s blood, our parents’ and grandparents’ blood, to let our birthright be stolen out from under us without a fight. This is literally a fight to save our future! If the Vatican gets a hold of our ancestor, the King of Israel and the grandfather of our future Redeemer, where does this leave us??

We are in danger of losing our land, given to us by G-d Himself, to nations of the world that hate us! Before we can blink, our government could re-instate the pre-1967 borders. Who will stop them? It is up to us to say, “Enough is enough!


We know, however, this fight that we must fight is not a physical one. It is a spiritual battle. The soul is the most powerful tool we have; it is infinitely powerful, a piece of G-d Himself. It is time for us to access that infinite power and stand up for our future. We must come together, Jews of all backgrounds and levels of observance, and find our strength through our unity.


For one night, we must forget our differences. For one night, let’s truly be brothers and sisters, and beg our Father in Heaven to let us keep what’s rightfully ours. This one night can overturn this terrible decree against us! We must do everything we can in order to prevent this nightmare from happening! The only way to do this is through our unified efforts!


Join us Thursday, May 22 at 6:45 pm, at the holiest place on Earth, Mount Zion, for an amazing night of tefilah, tza’akah, and shira- prayer, crying out to Hashem, and song. Mincha will be followed by divrei Torah from distinguished Rabbi’s. Musical guests will include Shlomo Katz and Yosef Karduner.


Let’s show the Israeli government and the entire world that we will not let go of our heritage! Let’s show the world that this is more than just an argument over property! Let’s show them that we are proud to be Jews, the real heirs to Hashem’s kingdom!




  1. It impossible to prove a negative, which is why every time there is a new, unproven threat to Klal Yisroel, you can be sure there will be an organization popping up to solicit funds to protect against that threat.

    The Israeli Government and several gedolim have denied that Kever Dovid is being offered up to the Xtians. Until that changes, I have more important places to which to give my ma’aser funds.