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Jews Raising Awareness Over Intended Transfer of Kever of David HaMelech

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A growing number of Jews are expressing their outrage over the possibility of the transfer of the Kever of David HaMelech to the Vatican. Though the Israeli government has repeatedly denied this claim, evidence to the contrary is mounting daily. Reports of an agreement having been reached circulate as well throughout the Italian media. When asked by Israeli news stations, Jews of all backgrounds and levels of observance have expressed their disbelief and anger that the government would actually consider such a transfer. The number of people opposed to this transfer is growing daily, and the government is beginning to take notice.


Due to the overwhelming need to band together and tell the Knesset that the Jews will not accept such an action, a motivated and concerned group of people have banded together to do their utmost to stop this tragedy from occurring. “People must realize that this transfer is not just about giving the Vatican an historic piece of property. The tomb of King David is our identity! He was not just the greatest King of Israel; he is the grandfather of our Mashiach, and we will not let him go!


Event coordinators invite all Jews to unite together and re-claim our history, our identity, and our future: “This night could change the entire future of the Jewish People, and we urge everyone to be a part of it!


Event details: Thursday, May 22 at 6:45 pm, Mount Zion



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  1. As they did after the last elections in Israel, the haredim have woken up too late. Do they not realize that negotiations like this are carried on in secret and over an extended period of time before commitments are made. The Pope is going to Israel knowing that mature diplomatic efforts over dozens of years by Vatican officials have borne fruit. The Israeli government cannot just back out now. Thinking that is possible is not living in the real world of real politic. The same way as all the domestic rugs were pulled from under their feet while they debated who should stand at which corner of the rug, the haredim have, according to all reliable diplomatic reports, had this rug pulled from their feet. Maybe it is the penalty for not giving a care in the world about the massive chillul Shabbos that will take place this weekend just so the chazokas of bonfire lighting can be kept.

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