Jews Attacked in N. Israel – Vehicle Set Ablaze


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mdanA chareidi resident of Chatzor HaGlilit was attacked during the predawn hours on Friday, 23 Iyar along with two other Jews who were in his vehicle. The attack occurred after receiving medical care in a clinic near that area. The victim’s vehicle was set ablaze.

One on the victims, 38-year-old Moti Mazor was hospitalized in Tzfas’ Ziff Hospital orthopedic unit with fractures. His wife Nofer explains “my husband tried showing the attackers his medical papers that he was in the clinic” but it did no good.

This story could have had a far more serious ending if not for the chessed of HKBH saving them. They drove to the village of Tuba Zaguriya seeking medical care in the local clinic near Chatzor HaGlilit. The chareidi man had an extremely painful toothache, prompting him to seek emergency care. He was instructed to travel to the dental clinic in the village.

The visit was uneventful and he received care. The problems began when they stopped to ask a local resident how to get out of the Israeli Arab village. In a matter of seconds a group of youths surrounded the vehicle and began throwing rocks at them. The situation deteriorated quickly and the assault against the three, ages 38, 34, and 29 began. They realized they were unable to move the vehicle so they began running for their lives as they phoned police to report the attack. Their vehicle was set ablaze. The victims report the police response was brief.

The three were first taken in and questioned as suspects since police wanted to ascertain what they were doing in the village. This is a locale in northern Israel, not a PA (Palestinian Authority) area. After police confirmed their story there were released. Three Arabs were arrested in connection with the attack. Police believe the three may have been suspected of wanting to carry out a price tag attack in the village and this may have led to the attack.

The Arab men in custody are in their 20s. Police brought them for a remand hearing and requested to keep them incarcerated as the investigation continues.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)