MK Gafne Lashes Out Against Supreme Court Justice Rubinstein


gafniMK (Yahadut Hatorah) R’ Moshe Gafne launched a harsh verbal attack against Supreme Court Justice Elyakim Rubinstein. The judge is a member of the dati leumi community and the judge who wrote the opinion in this week’s ruling halting supplementary payments to avreichim.

In his address from the Knesset podium R’ Gafne referred to Justice Rubinstein as the “Rosha who stole the bread away from the children”. Gafne explained that the court’s ruling will impact the avreichim and their families that have nothing. “Not those who learn and the wives work and they have an apartment, but those who have nothing and will now have even less”. He called the court’s ruling “cruel”, one that will leave a growing number of children without the basics, not even a slice of bread.

He stressed that these avreichim, the poorest of the poor, will now be left with absolutely nothing and without the means to provide the basic sustenance to their children.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Why has there been no concern expressed for university students who are in the same situation?

    This ruling might actually be good for the yeshivot, as its justification was that there should be equal treatment for yeshiva students and university students. In fact, Israel’s yeshivot are quite underfunded compared to universities and rather than attacking the Supreme Court, it might be worthwhile to pursue fiscal equality!

  2. It won’t work charlie brown these judicial mobsters will never rule in a manner that will go against these hedonistic university creatures,however one thing you should know:The worst of Golus has always been under fellow unobservant anti semitic self hating jews. There is no anti-semitic goyim including the ones in Europe including the ones that the Prime minister feels compeled to make public statements about that would dare stoop to such a low level publically assault an entire segment of the population in the name of the rule of law; indeed these people are much much worse than the worst goyim; may they all meet thier bitter end speedily in our times………………………….

  3. To #3: It´s “nice” to read about your love for fellow Yidden. To me it seems that you show that frumkeit is no guaranty against hatred.

  4. “It’s likely that a much smaller percentage of university students are married with families to feed.”

    All the more reason to go for parity — it will cost less.

    “fellow unobservant anti semitic self hating jews”

    Justice Rubinstein is religious and observant.

  5. WHAT A SHANDAH for a “jewish” state not to help Torah learners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    when will yeshivas be subsidized equally with universities?

  6. 7, good question, that’s why the court ruled that Torah learners shouldn’t get extra payments that nobody else is getting.

  7. #7 Universities have standards which are kept under the Committee of Higher Education. Not every college gets funded, and private colleges don’t get funding. If there were to be similar committees for yeshivot, that would be another thing. But universities still deserve more funding than yeshivot for the simple fact that laboratories cost more than books.

    And Torah learners shouldn’t get paid for learning. That’s what Jews are made for. Unless you are studying for a purpose (Rabbanut, Dayanut, Shechita, STa”M, etc) or unless your learning actually gives back to society, the public doesn’t need to support your learning. Community Kollelim in the US and Garinim Torani’im in Israel are supported, because their entire purpose is to increase the Torah learning among the society, not to just block everyone out. Other than that, there should be a small number of full time talmidei Chachamim that learn all day and PUBLISH on a regular basis, similar to university professors doing research. If they don’t publish chiddushim on a regular basis (like sefer Tchumin from Machon Tzomet), society doesn’t benefit.