Supreme Court Eliminates Supplementary Income for Avreichim


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ponIn another major blow to the chareidi tzibur in Israel, the Supreme Court on Sunday, 25 Iyar 5774, abolished supplementary income for avreichim. A seven justice panel headed by Court President Justice Asher Grunis rendered its decision to eliminate the supplementary income payments to avreichim made by the state. The court’s ruling was written by Justice Elyakim Rubinstein, a member of the dati leumi community.

The court’s ruling spoke of the inequality associated with the payments made to the avreichim and the fact that it does not contribute to getting chareidim out into the workplace. The petition challenging the payments was filed by a number of organizations including Ometz, Yisrael Chofshit, and the Conservative Movement.

In essence, the court has overridden the cabinet decision and therefore, payments may not be made from Teves

Rubinstein wrote that the government decision to continue with the supplementary payments is not in line with efforts to get chareidim to join the workplace but quite the contrary as they continue to avail themselves of the existing situation which permits them to receive payments. “The government’s decision is not fair and affects other sectors” the justices added.

The court also took issue with funding for avreichim. In the court’s view, they are permitted under the law to study for four years during which they are not compelled to acquire a skill or academic training towards earning a livelihood. The court points out that upon completion of the four year period the avreich lacks professional skills to enable him to enter the workforce, questioning the wisdom of the government’s decision.

The court did stipulate that one who is classified as a masmid may continue receiving funds since their entire life is devoted to limud.

Initial Reactions:

Needless to say the initial reaction from chareidi lawmakers is one of anger and contempt for the High Court, pointing out “what the government and Knesset have not done to the chareidi tzibur the Supreme Court is now doing”.

MK Menachem Eliezer Moses:

The court was pulled into the atmosphere of assault against the chareidi tzibur. The State of Israel funds students several times more than the tzibur of avreichim but the court does not classify that funding being unequal for here we are dealing with chareidim. The court tends to forget the continuing discrimination that continues for decades in almost every area.

Does the court also view the law to sell apartments to eligible couples with paying value added tax only if they are IDF veterans as being unequal?

MK Meir Porush:

The Supreme Court continues discriminatory rulings against the chareidi tzibur and joins the band – the Israeli government that abuses the chareidim, its families, its children and way of life as much as possible and in every way possible. Those battling the chareidim have now been strengthened by the Supreme Court ruling – woe to that shame.

MK Aryeh Deri:

The ruling joins the choir of hate that cries incessantly attacking the pockets of chareidim without mercy during the past year. We will not permit turning Torah scholars into the national punching bag. The ruling today is a call to the givers in Israel and the Diaspora for whom limud the continued study of Torah is dear to their hearts. This is the time to mobilize them for the Torah world.

MK Moshe Gafne:

The cruel verdict of the Supreme Court against the Torah scholars is appropriate for the period we live in. The ruling of Elyakim Rubinstein who quotes from the sources is laughable as even a young talmid yeshiva can tear his words apart from beginning to end. The words of Justice Chayut that these are unique funds despite that the criteria can apply to all. This is suggestive that for the Supreme Court every penny given to the chareidi tzibur, like money given to all citizens for all aspects of their lives is considered unique and these funds must be approved by the Supreme Court. We will work in any way possible to change the decision even via legislation.

MK Eli Yishai:

The court’s decision will lead to increasing and deepening the cycle of poverty. The decision is wrong and will critically hurt families, particularly those with many children. The previous government following the High Court decision set criteria via the Gabbai Commission and tightened condition for limud Torah and entitlement to the supplementary income. In light of this one has to question the additional intervention of the court and its decision to stop funding. It is puzzling in my eyes regarding the intervention in the name of freedom of equality but the presence of the VAT exemption for apartments only for a particular group is received as a welcome and legitimate step.

MK Yaakov Litzman:

The court’s decision to prevent funding for avreichim is a declaration of way regarding the rights of lomdei Torah in Israel. With the decision the High Court has become the executor of the policy of harassment against the chareidi tzibur of the Netanyahu Lapid government.

MK Yaakov Asher:

The High Court’s arbitrary cancellation of income for avreichim proves that it court wishes to batter down the chareidi tzibur and Torah in an attempt to change our way of life using economic punishment in the spirit of the agenda of the Netanyahu Lapid coalition.

MK Uri Maklev:

The High Court’s decision is discriminatory and a denial of rights. There is no country that denies one rights for studying Torah. Do not take taxes from us and do not support us, or give us exemptions or budgets.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. all these cheridi MK’s are worth bubkas, wait until the next elections when they will line up the gedolim with the חוב קדוש propogandas ..

  2. We are not to reason with people when they are consumed with anger, and these are all politicans, but why did none of the named above express hakaras hatov for the past?

  3. It is most unfortunate that anyone took money from the state in the first place: the Satmar Rebbe z”l knee what he was doing when he founded Keren Hatzolo. I realise it was a very great test to resist taking government support, but those who did are now much worse off materially and spiritually. Of course, if frum people are firm in disengaging from the anti-frum state (it can’t be anything other, because it was founded against the Torah – however we might wish it to be at least a little bit kosher, we’re just fooling ourselves) then the state’s power to force them is weakened. The struggles are/will be great indeed – but Moshiach will come and this wickedness will be vanquished.

  4. Avi london:
    You are so selfish and ignorant. What car do you drive? where did you go for vacation last? How much money do your schools receive from your govt? And you wanna say that the satmar rebbe was right by not taking money? Why should all you chutznikim be more deserved to drive around in your suburbans and have vacations and support from your govt than your brothers in eretz yisroel? When your brothers in eretz yisroel go shnorrering in america cus they don’t have anything here; you guys shout foul! when they stay here and take from the govt cus thats where it was bashert they come live like it was bashert for you to end up in london, you cry foul! Really keren hatzolo? I know the mosdos that are supported by the kanaim in america; I just worked in one of the big ones in yerushalayim. Do you have an idea what those buildings look like? Do you have an idea how little teachers get paid? And you wanna tell me that the satmar rebbe was willing to give billions of dollars to support the mosdos in eretz yisroel every year? which satmar cud’ve stamped his promise on this? The satmar rebbe was a very big tzaddik that had a vision that unfortunately is so irrelevant today. He had a taaneh then but he was extremely idealistic and didn’t understand what the generation after would need. He loved eretz yisroel and cried over the churban which is zionism but in a very diff manner than how the satmars misinform everyone these days. There’s nothing about his shita that has any relevance to today. If not for the money the mosdos took from the govt until now we would’ve had a generation looking like the satmar chassidim from williamsburgh. Nice pple, great balei chessed but aside from divrei yoel don’t know an ounce of torah. Oy vey, if we had limited ourselves to that. So before you bite into your big sandwich today or get into your beautiful car, know that until you don’t give that same thing to yidden in eretz yisroel. Or atleast to one of the kanaim that never took money from the govt. Then know that you are selfish. This is the land hashem sent these pple to and one that has more opportunity should kindly close his mouth.

  5. How dare you call the Satmar Rebbe’s vision irrelevant! I have no car, my kids schools take no money from our govt, we can’t afford holidays or other luxuries nor fancy food. I have actually worked for Keren Hatzolo and know a thing or two about who gives and who gets. Going to EY to live and/or learn is a great zchus and a great test. It was never easy and many great tzaddikim were not zoche to arrive there. Just like yidden would not eat free sandwiches handed out on a train (unless the hechsher was reliable), so are we all required to abstain from the treife money, which has the power to destroy us.

  6. The worst of Golus has always been under fellow unobservant anti semitic self hating jews. There is no anti-semitic goyim including the ones in Europe including the ones that the Prime minister feels compeled to make public statements about that would dare stoop to such a low level publically assault an entire segment of the population in the name of the rule of law; indeed these people are much much worse than the worst goyim; may they all meet thier bitter end speedily in our times………………………….

  7. You guys should know The worst of Golus has always been under fellow unobservant anti semitic self hating jews. There is no anti-semitic goyim including the ones in Europe including the ones that the Prime minister feels compeled to make public statements about that would dare stoop to such a low level publically assault an entire segment of the population in the name of the rule of law; indeed these people are much much worse than the worst goyim; may they all meet thier bitter end speedily in our times………………………….