Photo Essay: Approximately 10,000 Women Attend Internet Asifa In Boro Park Wednesday Evening (Photos By JDN)


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  1. I wonder what the highlights and the resolutions of the meeting was, Skulen and Sumbothaler ravs shlita have an eclectic following but rabbi halberstam is core bobov was he representig them?

  2. Amazing how this has been made into the central issue affecting frum yidden. Why dont they have an asifa about the thousands of frum families out there who cant afford to pay their bills because of exorbitant tuition costs? What about Camp Owners who constantly raise prices and charge money to have kids work for them?!? And simcha hall owners who are putting the cost making a bar mitzvah out of reach of the average frum family? There are countless fathers walking around deeply depressed over these very real and terrible issues. Why aren’t we having asifas to address these issues?!? Incidentally, the money that has been spent on these multiple “Internet Asifas” could have gone a long way towards helping many of these families with the aforementioned financial issues.

  3. I have always thought getting an invitation to a dinner honoring mr and mrs ploni and the invitation only has a picture of mr. Ploni (especially when its just a headshot) was silly, as if seeing the face of a person who’s gender represents roughly 50% of the planet’s inhabitants is offensive or a breach in tzniyus. But a posting titled: photo essay: 10,000 women attend internet asifa with accompanying pictures of men and empty chairs definitely tops that.

  4. As it is, the yeshiva’s don’t have enough money to cover their budget. So why don’t all of the people sending their kids to yeshivas go out and work so they could actually pay tuition. And as for summer camp owners, at least they make a parnossa so that they could afford tuition. If you don’t like it why don’t you make your own summer camp? And simcha hall owners are only charging what they know people are willing to pay. So why don’t you convince all of your friends to scale down their simchas. Why aren’t we having asifas to encourage people to actually work for a living instead of complaining about how they can’t meet expenses?

  5. I was very intrigued to learn of this event this morning while scrolling down YWN website. I live in the NY area and heard nothing about this… where was it advertised? Although I appreciate that what appears to be many Rabbonim were in attendance (there are no captions identifying who they are!), I have to admit the photos of the empty chairs is very odd. I understand YWN and its readerships sensitivity to not post pictures of women, but plastic folding chairs are not a terribly effective image… And, out of respect to the multitudes of very frum, educated and well-spoken Rebbetzins in the NY area, why opt for male speakers who I would imagine (and hope!) sat behind a mechitzah!? Seems fairly ironic that men should address women about shmiras einayim. I would hope YWN will be posting an actual article about the event and a synopsis of what was said by the lecturers.

  6. shebbesonian, idk whom you refering to most cheridi people here in NY work their backs off I’ll assume you have no idea what’s the actual cost to maintain a cheridi lifestyle here NY wich most do with מסי”נ

  7. To all those who criticize why the rabbonim don’t instead make an asifa about the high cost of tuition, let me tell you something: If there is no efforts expended protecting our youth (and ourselves) from the internet, you won’t be able to complain about the high cost of tuition, since the internet is destroying Jewish souls, hence Jewish education won’t be sought chas v’shalom.

  8. @Shebbesonian,
    You clearly are either from a very wealthy family, not married,have an amazing job, or are very young.
    I am not referring to kollel folks. I am talking about families with 5 or 6 kids who are unable to make ends meet despite both spouses working and making a nice income. This is because the yeshivas want 8k per kid, and the camps want $4500 per kid. Do the math, it doesn’t add up.

    Regarding simchas, I am not referring to fancy affairs. I am talking about $45 per couple, plus hall an waiter costs which are slowly putting what used to be typical, out of reach.

    I understand caterers and camp owners are business people who charge what the market will bear. However I would like to think, that as frum people, a little ‘rachmunus’ should also be thrown in….