Motzei Shabbos Kosel Bus Issue Settled


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Beginning on motzei Shabbos Parshas Shelach Egged will operate motzei Shabbos buses on the number one and three lines from the Kosel, free of charge. Two waves of buses will be provided for Shabbos mispallalim to head home without having to pay for the bus. One will not have to reimburse Egged during the week. The bus service will now be free of charge. The first buses will leave 15 minutes after the termination of Shabbos. The second buses will leave at ‘Rabbeinu Tam time. The new arrangement has been approved by the Ministry of Transportation.

Egged made an official request to the Ministry of Transportation after chareidi MKs intervened towards certifying the service, which the ministry was planning to halt.

It is stressed that only the first buses of the lines mentioned after regular and Rabbeinu Tam time are free and passengers are expected to pay for regular service from the Kosel on motzei Shabbos. Officials add that inspectors will be riding buses on motzei Shabbos to make certain riders on buses other than the first free ones have paid their fare.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. how are the egged drivers able to ready to drive 15 minutes after shabbos is over? Guess its the same drivers who were able to drive to Meron right after shabbos was over during lag b’omer.

  2. Good point! There need be concern that no chillul shabbos is involved for the drivers who need to be there on time. Nevertheless, charedim should show the appropriate gratitude to Egged for this service, and not to take it for granted.