Shock: PA, Fatah Cartoons Mock, Celebrate Teens’ Kidnappings


proxyOfficial Palestinian Authority media outlets have been publishing cartoons celebrating the kidnapping of three Israeli teens. The above image was posted to the Official Palestinian Authority Facebook page.

Another  odious cartoon features  a distortion of the World Cup 2014 logo.  The official Palestinian Authority daily printed a cartoon celebrating the kidnapping of three Israeli youths on Thursday night, June 12, 2014. Instead of the famous logo of the World Cup 2014, in which three victorious hands hold the globe, together creating the prestigious trophy, the PA cartoon shows a “trophy” of three hands holding three people with their hands up in surrender. Instead of the text “Brasil” below the “trophy,” the word “Khalil” is written – Arabic for Hebron, a city near where the Israeli youths were kidnapped.




Facebook page, Fatah posted a cartoon of a victory sign with three fingers held up instead of two, symbolizing the three Israeli youths who were kidnapped on Thursday, June 12, 2014. Accompanying the picture was a smiley with the text, “For your interpretation 🙂


triple victory sign




  1. Yeshiva world: remove this asap. How would you like it if your sons were kidnapped and a Frum website posted this? This is insulting and insensitive

  2. #3 – YWN is not promoting this, they are showing what animals (no offense to our 4 legged friends) these horrible terrorists are.

  3. As I understand it, a large part of the Israeli haredim want the Zionist government to go away so we can be governed by the Arabs. Those who believe this should read this article a few times.

    In Iraq and Syria this week, ISIS is lining up and executing Christians and Shiites by the hundreds. Burning them, tying them up and shooting them, beheading them, and proudly posting photos on the internet. In Egypt the masses are burning churches and lynching Christians. (They already ran out of Jews and shuls in Egypt.)

    The only place in the Middle East where it’s safe to be a Jew is Israel, guarded by Zionist soldiers. I hope the Zionist soldiers can save those three boys. That is what I’m davening for. I am extremely proud of our soldiers.