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2 Chareidim Arrested in Stormy Shabbos Protest in Yerushalayim

charnTens of chareidim took part in a protest in Yerushalayim against growing chilul Shabbos in the city. They tried blocking HaNevi’im Street at the corner of Shivtei Yisrael Street but were prevented from doing so by police.

Police confirm that two people were arrested. There were no reports of injuries.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. There chaeidi jerks were “demonstrating” about some other yidden engaging in some Shabbos activities they didn’t agree with and thus diverted hundreds of security forces that could have been out looking for the three bochurim missing near Hebron. Maybe next time it will be their children missing…

  2. Though I seldom agree with these people and actually saw them in action
    Here I almost agree. The current government is attempting to change the face of the Jewish nation
    Jerusalem was always a religious area And now it’s worth fighting for
    But it’s our fault we fight each other and split our power

  3. So the chareidim keep on throwing stones at the chilonim. They’ve been throwing stones at them for over 60 years. When you throw stones at a dog for so many years why are you surprised when the dog turns and bites?
    So now the dogs (chilonim) have turned and are trying to bite with the draft, bris milah, etc. and the chareidim think the dogs are evil for biting???? And they keep on throwing stones and can’t figure out why the the dogs are reacting the way they are and frum call the chilonim anti-frum!!!

  4. They encouraged chillul Shabbat on erev Lag b’Omer; how can they protest against it now? Oh, right, the chillul Shabbat on erev Shabbat benefited them, so it was OK.

  5. @gadolhakiur

    that shabbos activity was chill shabbos, punishable by death, and requiring protest. I imagine G-d will surely protect them from your klallah, despite your legend as a renowned mechasheifa

  6. #1- A very valid point. But why is it acceptable on ANY Shabbat? The protesters knowingly cause tremendous chilul shabbat by forcing police to be present at their protests. In the past the chief of police requested that the Eida move its protests to weekdays so as to spare the policemen, many of whom are traditional and shomer shabbat, from having to serve on Shabbat. Yet for some reason they insist on continuing to protest davka on Shabbat.

  7. Hey thats a curse and by the way police don’t go looking for the boys it’s the army so sorry try better next x

  8. youre an idiot the jerusalem police are either off or are paid overtime either way they have nothing to do with chevron you jew hating jerk

  9. Moderators, how could you post comment #1? The commentator cursed tens of Yiden that their children should be kidnapped by the Arabs. Let me quote from daf 18a in Moed Katan: Pinchas was sitting shiva after his son. His brother commented on his long finger nails; to which Pinchas responded to the effect that would you [namely
    his brother] have trimmed your nails if you were sitting shiva? Soon afterwards the brother had to sit shiva. When Pinchas came to console him, the brother angrily blamed
    him for the tragedy which he claimed it was caused by Pinchas’s response related to cutting nails while being in avelus.
    We are our worst enemies.

  10. To #1 first of all the police sent to riots are not the same as the MILITARY that are searching for the boys, as well it was not just some chareidim protesting bad”tz called fro the protest, and last but not least why the need for such a curse that next time it will be one of there children stop with the sinas chinam and we should be zoiche to hear only good news.

  11. What about the hundreds of cops needed on the Friday that the tel aviv toavah parade took place the very same hour at ten am when the kidnapping became public. Had they canceled the parade and sent the hundreds of police on an immediate search the three boys may have been found. Maybe the kidnapping was a warning for the greatest chillul H. In Israel’s history. Maybe if Jews would have recited tehillim against the filthy parade they would not need to say tehillim for the missing boys.

  12. #1 Gadolharashah, are you Jewish? – probably not because cursing is the act of Bilaam harashah, now go check what happened to his curses….

    How dare you talk like this about Charedim who generally demonstrate together with some Gedoley Yisrael who request these demonstrations against chillul shabbos for years now.
    It might very well be because of chillul shabbos that the yeshiva students were kidnapped. In the merit of demonstrating all over the country against chillul Shabbos, the students will surely be found.

    By the way #3 where did you pick up that motzi shem ra from? Instead of finding some merit you come up with a “fact” and lie that stones were thrown etc. For your information there were no stones nor anything else thrown. The chiloni police have such hatred towards chredim (like #1) that when they see charedim protesting, they immediately come with their horses trampling on peaceful protesters and arrest anyone they see and make up lies for the media. Most arrested were innocent bystanders or passer-bys. Go get your facts straight before opening your mouth with lies and bringing sins upon yourself.

  13. #4&#6 Don’t you think that Gedoley Yisrael are better versed in the laws than you? If you have a problem with their psak halacha, call them and discuss it with them. But just to spout nonsense shows the level of intelligence you have.

  14. Arye (#14), I second your comment. I tried to post a comment along the same lines with a quote from Moed Kattan 14a, but the moderators found comment #1 Ok, while they flushed mine down the tube.

  15. #17 takahrashamamash #17: A dolt as dense as yourself is certainly not one to pronounce gedolim “wrong”. You think *you* know when they are “wrong”?

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