ALERT: Monsey Residents Being Targeted In Scam


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scamnThe Ramapo Police Department has received numerous complaints from residents about a phone scam going around the area. Potential victims get a phone call from a party claiming to be from the Internal Revenue Service. The party tells the person that they owe back taxes and if they don’t go to the store right away and send them a Green Dot money order the local police will come and arrest them.

The Ramapo Police are asking residents not to engage these callers or meet their demands.

(YWN Monsey Newsroom)


  1. that is so naive and racist…the calls come from overseas and are indian sounding…its unfortunate that our brethren fall for it…yes..unfortunately

  2. Actually he had a very strong indian accent. I told him very quickly, nearly swallowing my words that if there was a problem he can send me something in the mail and he was more then welcome to contact my attorney if he has any issues and then hung up. It turns out that the number on the caller id was from the irs but after doing some internet research, i realized that it was indeed a scam and contacted to file a complaint.