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President Elect Rivlin Keeps his Loyal Chareidi Assistant

riv2President elect Reuven Rivlin is going to keep his longtime office manager and assistant when he moves into the President’s Residence in July after being sworn in as Israel’s tenth president.

Mrs. Rivkah Ravitz, a daughter of the late MK Rabbi Avraham Ravitz z”l, will continue to serve Rivlin in his new post. She has been his long time executive aide when he was a Member of Knesset, and she was his bureau chief during his tenure as Knesset Speaker. Ravitz will become the first chareidi bureau chief of the President’s Residence. It appears that the director-general of the President’s Office will be Harel Tubi, who ran Rivlin’s campaign, he too being shomer Shabbos.

During an interview with Kikar Shabbos prior to the presidential election, Mrs. Ravitz said that if elected, Rivlin would open a new channel of dialogue with the chareidi tzibur.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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