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FM Lieberman Meets US Secretary Kerry in Paris

FM Liberman meets with US Secretary Kerry

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman met in Paris with US Secretary of State John Kerry. They discussed developments in the Middle East and Israel’s relations with the Palestinians following the establishment of the unity government and the abduction of the three teenage boys.

FM Lieberman thanked Secretary Kerry for the United States’ firm position regarding the seriousness of the kidnapping. He conveyed to the Secretary the request of the parents of the three boys to meet with him.

The foreign minister commented that given the conditions prevailing today in the Middle East, stating “It is impossible to reach a separate arrangement between Israel and the Palestinians. Rather, we must reach an overall regional agreement. Israel’s long-standing conflict is not only with the Palestinians but with the Arab world of which the Palestinians are is a part. Therefore, we must reach an agreement that will include the moderate Arab states, the Palestinians and the Israeli Arabs. This is the first time that a strategic consensus of interests has been created between the moderate elements in the Arab world and Israel, as both must contend with the Iranian threats, worldwide jihad and al-Qaeda, as well as the overflow of the conflict in Syria and Iraq to neighboring states”.

Lieberman stated there is a basis for the creation of a new political structure in the Middle East, emphasizing that, beyond the Palestinian issue, any arrangement must also include the Arab states and Israeli Arabs.

Regarding events in Iraq, FM Lieberman commented that “Iraq is dissolving before our eyes, and the establishment of an independent Kurdish state is probably inevitable. The radical forces in Iraq will try to undermine the stability of the entire Gulf area, first of all Kuwait, and Israel can provide support and assistance to the moderate Arab states against the extremists of the Arab world”.

Regarding the ongoing negotiations with Iran, FM Lieberman noted that “A bad agreement with the Iranians that will allow them to become a nuclear threshold state will lead to a nuclear arms race throughout the Middle East, further undermining stability in the region”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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