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Chief Rabbi Lau Shlita on the Murders of the Youths HYD

lauAfter hearing the news of the discovery of the bodies of the three bnei yeshiva in a PA area following the 18-day search, Chief Rabbi David Lau stated “The Jewish People around the world were shaken by this abhorrent murder. The boys were killed על קידוש ה’ simply because they were Jews, and they are joining the holy and pure chain of our people who were murdered throughout our painful history”.

Rav Lau, who is in the United States said ruefully “until now the entire nation was united in tefilos and now the entire nation is united in grief and terrible pain”.

Rav’s Lau’s office reported that the rabbi is shortening the planned visit to Jewish communities in the United States and is returning to Israel.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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