Why Has Rav Chaim Shlita Stopped Walking?


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kannWhile HaGaon HaRav Chaim Kanievsky Shlita takes a daily walk towards remaining healthier, the gadol has not done so over recent days those close to him report. It is reported that for the past year Rav Chaim walks for 15 minutes daily, following his neitz minyan. The walk is usually in a quiet area so Rav Chaim is not constantly disturbed by passersby.

While the walk is geared to assist Rav Chaim’s health, the rav feels that it is not proper for him to be walking around while so many Jews are seated in shelters with sirens wailing outdoors. Rav Chaim is well aware of their fears and anxieties and this has led him to eliminate his daily walk for the time being.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. ah! this is our gedoilim!
    we should all learn from this, and with summer vacation coming up we should at least feel a guilty feeling while our brothers are sitting in bomb shelter.

  2. No 1 I am sorry I dont agree. Lulai devorov hakedoshim, the Rav shlito walks for his health not for leisure or time out. Surely that shoudnt stop even now?

  3. The tzibur would be in much worse shape if the rav’s health were to degrade because he fails to get needed exercise. Indeed, all Israelis need to get outside for short periods of time just as a matter of mental health as well as getting exercise…Hopefully, the rav will reconsider and do whats best for his own well-being and that of the tzibur.

  4. Why do you think the Rav is doing something to endanger his health? Perhaps he is walking inside his small apartment for the same 15 minutes and getting the same excercise. The article said nothing about not getting his excercie, it says he doesnt do it outdoors.

  5. if you dont think r chaim kanievsky made a chesbon, you dont know what a gadol is. maybe rav kanievsky walks around his table or perhaps he installed a treadmill (you never know) you seem to have good intentions but if the gadol ha dor is doing it who are we to questions and say he should reconsider, we can dan lekaf zechut that he made the cheshbon and is replacing the walk with some other activity, its not our place to second guess.

  6. Regardless of all the foolish bantering about doubting the Gadol hador.
    We should be contemplating commentor no.1’s suggestion. We should be discussing how we can be relating to the anguish and fears that our bretheren are experiencing. How should we conduct ourselves. To empathize with our nation.
    That might be a Tikun for the flaw of Sinas Chinam. Its the theme of this tkufa ( three weeks)