13 Golani Soldiers Killed R”L in Gaza Fighting Since Last Night


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candle98.thumbnailThe painful process of identifying the bodies is ongoing, as well as the process of notifying the families. Some of the dead were lone soldiers and their families are abroad. One of the soldiers was a resident of California.  It appears two of  them were US citizens. These factors and the matter of making positive identification of bodily remains delayed giving the okay to publish this tragic information.

The soldiers and officers HY”D were killed in fighting during the night and Sunday morning. Seven of them were killed when an anti-tank rocket hit their armored personnel carried (APC). Six others were killed in different incidents.

At about 01:05 during the night, east of Tufach in Gaza City, seven of the combatants of the Golani Brigade’s 13th Battalion were killed when their APC was hit with the anti-tank rocket. Two others were injured in that incident.

At 01:20, soldiers of the 51st Battalion encountered terrorists and an exchange of gunfire followed. One soldier was killed in that shootout. At 01:30, another encounter with terrorists by soldiers of the same battalion. One soldier was killed and another seriously wounded.

In another incident a rocket was fired at soldiers. Three of them were killed.

Another soldier from Golani was killed in another incident.

יהי זכרום ברוך

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. I’m crying as I read this!
    We don’t know why HaShem wants this but can’t we say the world is to blame for allowing all this weapons build up over the course of time!??
    HaShem Yinkom Domam!

  2. just remember all you monday morning quarterbacks out there.
    war is a dirty and nasty business and these are the results


  4. to no 4. Your screen name should be removed as there is absolutely no chessed coming from you. As tens of 1000’s of boys are risking their lives to protect fellow yidden you have the absolute chutzpah to denigrate tzahal. my heart bleeds for these kedoshim who gave the ultimate sacrifice for other yidden. my son when called upon to serve nearly 2 weeks ago left his wife and young child and is now in gaza helping to defend. as we have absolutely no communication, whenever the phone rings I am just hoping that the phone call on the other end isnt one that I dont want to receive. I for one continue to say tehillim for all of our boys and for all of the yidden being bombarded day and night and know no rest.

  5. Hashem Yinkom Domam!
    May Hashem give the families the courage and strength to deal with this tragedy.
    My thoughts and prayers are with them and with all of the brave soldiers out there…
    May Hashem protect them all.

  6. Yosse:

    Try to imagine for at least 30 seconds that one of these soldiers was your son father brother, etc.
    נושא בעול חבירו

    Very painful.

  7. #5. How can you just sit back and enjoy yourself. Get up and do something say some Tehillim, learn some Mishnayos, maybe a couple of Halochos, or even some Musar.
    Last week we read there were אלף למטה twice, one thousand were soldiers and the other thousand were davening for them. Let’s be on duty instead of vacationing.

  8. Dear Editor, I think during an Eis Tzarah of this proportion (compounded by the fact that we’re in the beginning of Bein HaMetzorim), Comment #4 only furthers the desperately needed Yeshuas Hashem K’heref Ayin. Guaranteed, HKB”H would have had a Nachas Ruach, if the one who posted the comment, would have instead held himself back, or said a kapittel Tehillim, rather than to post his Kano’us, which will do nothing but promote Sinas Chinom.

  9. To No. 3

    Your hateful and vile comment puts you in the same category as the terrorists…Netanyahu and the generals have an impossible task of balance EY’s long-term security with the reality of having to assure it maintains its relationships with friendly governments. He is doing the best possible job with the information he has but you don’t. Wishing something bad for Livni hopefully assures you will have no chelek in olam haboh. May Hashem give the government and IDF much hatlacha and protect them from Hamas and the likes of yourself.

  10. I am sure that death of these soldiers was aided by the electricity, water and gasoline supplied to Hamas by Israeli government. Not to mention the advance warning giving to the enemy by the IDF prior to the military operation. Young Jews are dying needlessly to preserve international and media standing with the world of Israeli “leaders”.

  11. Chessed — what an ironic name for a person with such a cold, callous comment. We can disagree respectfully about whether Israel is making the right or wrong decisions, and as with everything, there is always room for improvement. But there is no question that Tzahal is first and foremost working to protect your friends and family that are living in ארץ ישראל. Shame on you for such a cold and mean comment.

  12. Please when your in shamayim ask the Hashem to please have Rachmanot on his children and send the Geulah!!
    And destroy Islam….

  13. To #7, my heart breaks for you. Please post his name so I can say Tehillim for his safety.

    Please people, join the Shmira Project: http://www.shmiraproject.com/login.aspx to get the name of a specific soldier for whom you will dave, take on extra mivtzas etc in his/her zchut. My soldier is Ohz ben Sarah, may he be kept safe.

  14. Very painful when it could have been avoided. These Israeli powerless “leaders” who are like dogs going forward and all the while turning their heads back to their masters – i.e Obama and Kerry, should not endanger their soldiers by having them enter houses full of explosives.

  15. Why blame israel, the government, the soldiers, etc? This is a time of davening and emunah. The terrorists win by tearing us apart like this. We need to come together as one