10,000 Israelis Stuck in Turkey


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ywnisrael.israelAs a result of the cessation of flights to and from Tel Aviv, some 10,000 Israelis are stuck in Turkey, Maariv reports. Most used Turkey as a stopover to save considerable sums on their tickets but they now find themselves stranded.

While some succeeded in getting a hotel room, many were stranded in the airport, reporting there is no security and they fear for their safety.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. There is a history of the churban and there is a Torah of the churban. For one we read Josephus, while for the other we learn the relevant Gemoras and Midrashim. While the epilogue may be the same, the prologue and story are not. Let’s not fall into the trap of saying if President Obama will do/say this, if Secretary Kerry will do/say this, if the UN, Turkey, EU, FAA, will do/say this, if the IDF will bomb, invade, infiltrate, remove this or that, then there will be peace and security. Nonsense! Only through Torah learning, heartfelt tefilos, ma’asei chesed, and a cheshbon ha’nefesh will peace and security be achieved. Betach is earned when badad is practiced.

  2. 10,000??? How much could the difference be in a direct fight from a stop over? I wonder if it is even cheaper to travel via Iran or Iraq?

  3. Flights from the US to TLV on Turkish Air can sometimes be $400-600 lower than the United/Delta/ElAl non-stops. Per ticket! If you are traveling with a family, do the math. It is unfortunate they are stuck there.