Turkey Gives Approval for the SS Freedom Two – Turkish Warships To Break IDF Marine Blockade


tpmAfter the Marvi Marmara terrorist vessel made its voyage to Israel to break the marine blockade of Gaza, the IHH is preparing for a repeat performance. Once again the vessel, the ‘Freedom Two’, is being portrayed as a humanitarian vessel. Yisrael Hayom reports that the Turkish government has given the green light to send the vessel to Gaza, once again announcing it will break the IDF marine blockade on Gaza to bring humanitarian aid to Gazans.

However, unlike the Marvi Marmara which was not escorted, the Freedom Two will be escorted by Turkish war ships, a move that if actualized may lead to a military confrontation with Israel. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has announced “Israel’s actions are worse than Hitler” in his description of Operation Protective Edge, the IDF counter-terrorism operation in Gaza.

No timetable is being announced for the Freedom Two’s departure from Turkey.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Sink them all. This is an act of war, not humanitarian anything. The disgrace is that the world tolerates listening to this warmongering, and accepts it as if there is a peaceful aspect to this. This clown is just another terrorist in a business suit, not unlike our own POTUS.

  2. They should stun all their personnel with stun grenades used
    on big wildlife like bears and lions and put them all in solitary confinement with guards wearing felt sound proof boots and lock them up and let them sit in their little rooms for 10-15 years so as to give them time to think over the propriety of their actions like naughty little boys…that should teach them a good arab style lesson.

  3. It’s time to get Turkey out of NATO. It does not belong there? Where are all our Senators and congress people? USA must pressure Turkey to keep it’s mouth shut, because if ignored they may do something bigger like sending soldiers to protect their ship and that may lead to serious problems. Don’t forget fighting Hamas is bad enough, fighting Turkey with it’s planes, ships, long distance rockets is different, although I’m not sure Turkey is ready to get themselves in full scale war for some Palestinians. I guess it’s all pro-election propaganda by Erdogan, but he seems like an Amalek and may do something to hurt Jews as the expenses of his people. Like Hitler when was begged by his generals to send trains of soldiers to Russia to fight, instead chose the trains to kill as many Jews as possible, even at the expense of losing the war and deaths of German soldiers. Amalek thinks illogical, and the goal is to destroy Jews, so we should not completely ignore this Turkish idiot!

  4. The Turkish Muslims are coming to NY in mass numbers. And many of the Jewish business are giving them work.
    These businesses need to be aware of the dangers of Turkish Islam and hire mexicans and other people of diffrent origins.

  5. Kehath
    I agree that we should not be employing anyone from that hateful religion if we could avoid it. Hire Yidden. And if you can’t there’s many Americans who can use the job.

  6. The issue is that if Israel attacks Turkish warships then it is attacking a NATO country and all of NATO including the US is obligated to come to Turkey’s defense. Then you will be facing the previously unimaginable war between Israel and the US.

  7. “Then you will be facing the previously unimaginable war between Israel and the US.

    As frightening as this sounds, it is not unimaginable. So far, Obama has been more interested in assisting Hamas and every other entity of terror than Israel. B”H that Congress allocates foreign aid to Israel, because there is no expectation that Obama ever would. All he ever did so far was to promise Hamas $47 million. What?

  8. I am not so sure that the NATO alliance would require other nations to come to Turkey’s aid if it initiates a war by trying to break Israel’s legal (by international law) blockade of Gaza and Israel responds by attacking Turkish blockade-running warships.

    Also, in today’s insane world, any country can find many justifications to avoiding getting involved if they want to. The question is, will they want to? This could include not just getting involved militarily on Turkey’s side, but also economically, which could be equally bad.