Names of the IDF Soldiers Killed at the Karnei Crossing HY”D [UPDATED]



It is permitted to publish the names of four of the five soldiers killed when terrorists infiltrating at the Karnei Crossing fired an anti-tank rocket at them.

The fallen are HY”D;
1. Sgt. Daniel Kedmi, 18, of Tzofim. The levaya will be held today in the Kiryat Shaul Military Cemetery at 17:00.
2. Sgt. Barkai Yishai Schor, 21, from Yerushalayim. The levaya will be held at Mt. Herzl Military Cemetery in Yerushalayim this morning at 09:00
3. Sgt. Sagi Erez, 19, of Kiryat Ata. The levaya will be held today at 18:00 in the Haifa Military Cemetery.
4. Sgt. Dor Deri, 18, of Yerushalayim. The levaya will be held today at 17:00 in the Mt. Hertz Military Cemetery.

The name of the fifth soldier killed is cleared for release.
5. Sgt. Nadav Raymond, 19, from Shdamot Devorah. The levaya will take place today at 18:00 in the Shdamot Devorah Military Cemetery.


יהי זכרום ברוך
(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. The Levaya of Barkai Shor hy”d will be:
    Today, the 2nd of Menachem Av at 19:00 at Har Herzl.

    ההלוויה תתקיים היום, יום שלישי, ב’ אב התשע”ד (29.7.2014)
    בשעה 19:00 בבית העלמין הצבאי בהר הרצל בירושלים

    Please correct.

  2. The arabs approveceasefire that’s so nice I think we should give him one of their style ceasefires. Are you out of your minds