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Some Operation Protective Edge Statistics

idfOperation Protective Edge lasted for 29 days, culminating with a 72-hour ceasefire that Israel hopes will lead to a permanent agreement that will include the demilitarization of Gaza. Following are some Protective Edge stats.
· 750-1,000 terrorists were killed including 253 Hamas terrorists

· The IDF attacked 4,762 terrorist targets

· 32 tunnels leading from Gaza into Israel were destroyed

· 64 IDF soldiers were killed

· 3 civilians were killed

· 82,201 IDF reservists were called to duty

· 3,360 rockets were fired at Israel

· 584 rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome

· 115 rockets landed in residential areas

· 2,542 rockets landed in open areas

· 119 rockets fell short and landed in Gaza

· 10,690 homes were destroyed throughout Gaza

· 1,768 Gazans were killed (including the terrorists)

· 9,300 Gazans were wounded

· The cost to the IDF is set at 8 billion shekels

· The cost to the economy is reduced production is 4.5 billion shekels

· The cost to the government in reduced taxes collected is 1.5 billion shekels

· The government will have to pay 1 billion shekels to compensate for property damage

· The cost from rockets striking property is set at 50 million shekels

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. ?????
    “750-1,000 terrorists were killed including 253 Hamas terrorists” and “1,768 Gazans were killed (including the terrorists)”

    The Israelis have no way of knowing about casulties caused by rockets, missiles, bombs, artillery, etc. And Hamas can be assumed to be unwilling to give accurate figures, even if they are able to. However the figures in the article are obviously unreliable,noting the report of terrorists (the Israelis refer to Palestinian military personnel) killed in Gaza who are working independent of Hamas (since Hamas would not tolerate anyone “free-lancing” as a “terrorist” in their territory – and Hamas is the lawful elected government of Gaza, and tends to shoot anyone who doesn’t do what they tell them to) – the presence of non-Hamas terrorists in the article suggests someone is pulling numbers out of thin air (which, admittedly, is the “Minhag ha-Makom” in that part of the world).

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