Quebec: Prominent Media Personality Goes On Anti-Semitic Rant


gpIn the darker corners of the Internet, it is easy to find racists and conspiracy theorists fuming about deep-pocketed Jews controlling the world.

But a Jewish group has sounded the alarm after a well-known Quebec media personality used his newspaper column and an appearance on a Montreal radio show to spout such anti-Semitic opinions.

Gilles Proulx was invited onto Montreal’s Radio X last Friday after writing a column in the Journal de Montréal on the Israel-Hamas conflict. “No need to be an expert to say that Israel could make Washington, Paris or Ottawa bend, knowing in advance that its diaspora, well established, will make any government submit!” he wrote in the Journal.

Speaking to Radio X, he elaborated on his thinking, suggesting Jews historically provoke hate and persecution. “The diaspora is scattered around the world, where they take economic control, provoke the hatred of local nations, whether it is in Spain, for example, with the Inquisition, or again later with Adolf Hitler,” he said.

Later he added: “The diasporas are so powerful in Paris, New York, Toronto or in Ottawa or Montreal, that they can manipulate the government through their opinions, their threats, their pressure, making it a marionette.” The show’s host never challenged Mr. Proulx’s remarks.



  1. We have to remember that Montreal is in Quebec, a French oriented province of Canada that was looking to secede from Canada unless they made French the official language of of that province.
    It is not surprising, though alarming that a radio commentator (newspaper editor) would make anti-Semitic comments.
    The French have never and never will be friends of the Jews.
    And yes We must concern ourselves with all radical comments and diatribes against us. Remember the 1930’s.

  2. Every ethnic group on Earth aspires to success and influence. Some are more successful than others. The Jews don’t have an innate talent for athletics or fashion modeling. But we do test well on thinking and creative and executive skills. It’s natural for people resent others that are more successful than they, unless they are raised to overcome that natural tendency. It festers in their hearts, and from that fertile ground grow conspiracy theories and dreams of revenge. It was always like this, it will always be like this. Complaining about it is like complaining about snow in the winter.

  3. Truly, I have been concerned for sometime that President Obama and the French Prime Minister take their marching orders from the “Jewish diaspora.”

    I wonder what behaviors other than religious conversion and suicide would bring an end to the our provocation of the populations with whom we live.

  4. Barzilai, your comment is absolutely correct. The man is just being resentful. He is demonstrating his weak mindedness and mediocrity. It is mostly morons that talk like Gilles. Let’s get him a job as an attendant in a Jewish owned factory to help develop his mind. He is definitely a simpleton.