Terror Victim Adele Biton is Returning Home


adeleAfter 18 months of hospitalization and operations, terror victim Adele Biton is scheduled to return to her home community of Yishuv Yakir in Shomron on Thursday, 2 Elul 5774. The joy is bittersweet amid the realization that Adele is far from returning to her hold self. Progress during the difficult rehabilitation process has been limited.

Back in 2013, then 3-year-old Adele began rehabilitation; the family realized the road ahead would be difficult and slow. Adele was released from Schneider Children’s Hospital where she was treated for life threatening injuries sustained in a car accident, the result of her mother’s vehicle being bombarded with rocks by Arabs near Ariel in Shomron. Her mom lost control of the vehicle and slammed into the rear of a truck parked on the side of the road.

Now, 4.5-years-old, Adele is being discharged from Beit Levinstein Rehabilitation Hospital. The hospital wanted to discharge her some time ago but Mrs. Biton took the case to the Supreme Court, with the latter ruling Adele should be given addition rehab time. Mrs. Biton realizes the situation is complicated as Adele is capable of limited movement and response. “She needs constant intensive therapy” she explains.

The renovations to the Biton home to accommodate Adele’s new reality are not done due to the bureaucratic snarls encountered by the family in obtaining government approval and financial assistance. As such, the family will be living in rented home in Yakir until the renovations are complete.

Mrs. Biton feels Beit Levinstein no longer has anything to contribute and she hopes to continue Adele’s care at home.

B’ezras Hashem in the coming weeks Mrs. Biton will be giving birth to a boy, the first among four daughters in the family. “Baruch Hashem there will be happiness. A new birth – HKBH is there helping us” explains Mrs. Biton.

On Thursday another event connected to that attack is scheduled to take place when a military court will hold a hearing for the main suspect in the attack.

“I really wanted to take part in the hearing to make sure the court does not show leniency towards the terrorists but I will be busy bringing Adele home” explained Mrs. Biton.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)