A First – Over 6 Million Jews in Israel


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Sukkos_5774-088As 5774 comes to a close, the Interior Ministry released population statistics showing the nation grew by almost 200,000 during the year. 90,646 boys were born as compared to 85,584 girls. The most popular names are Yosef, Daniel, Tamar and Noah. 75,848 Israelis got married and 23,419 were divorced. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu stated “For the first time in the nation’s history, there are over six million Jews living in Israel”.

On the eve of 5775, Israel is approaching 9 million citizens. The numbers released on Sunday 26 Elul by the Ministry of the Interior show there are 8,904,373 Israeli citizens today as opposed to 8,730,562 at the close of 5773.

176,230 babies were born in 5774 including 90,646 boys and 85,584 girls. The name Tamar moved from third place in 5773 to first place this year. According to the Interior Ministry, the name Shirah moved from second to third place. Noah has dropped from first to second place. The name Talya fell from fourth to fifth place and the name Yael moved from fifth place in 5773 to sixth place in 5774.

Yosef moved to first place for boys’ names after being ranked fourth place in 5773. Daniel remains steady in second place for a second consecutive name as is Uri, which remains in third place for a second consecutive year. Itai, which ranked first place in 5773 has moved to fifth place in 5774.

The growth in the population is due to aliyah, with officials registering 24,801 new immigrants arrived in 5774. At the opening of the weekly cabinet meeting on Sunday 26 Elul, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu cited that for the first time in the State of Israel’s history there are over 6 million Israeli citizens.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Just to clarify although it is true that there are more then six million Jewish Israeli citizens even so there are a lot less then that actually living in Israel about a million Israelis don’t live here and there are only about 250000 Jewish tourists in Israel

  2. Can someone PLEASE explain this to me – & I’m serious.
    “90,646 boys were born as compared to 85,584 girls”
    That makes about 5000 MORE boys than girls, & that’s an average in any population (Israel, US) in any given year.
    So how come there is a shidduch crises with so many girls (only) not getting married? Did all those boys get swallowed in the Bermuda Triangle?

  3. Dear Editor,

    Check your facts. According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, Israel has had over 6 million Jewish citizens for some two years already and the nation’s total population is 8,222,700