Sikrik (Delinquent) Verbally Assaults Dushinsky Rebbe After Shabbos Shuva Drasha Over Kevarim In Beit Shemesh


dusA known sikrik verbally attacked the Dushinsky Rebbe Shlita after the rebbe’s Shabbos Shuva drasha. The delinquent shouted at the rebbe that it is prohibited to dig kevarim. The rebbe instructed chassidim to exercise restraint and ignore the shouts. The sikrik was referring to the Golovnitz construction project in Beit Shemesh. After the rebbe completed his drasha the sikrik thanked the rebbe for his Torah words and let.

The construction project has been a source of machlokes in the community as Eida Chareidis Gavaad HaGaon HaRav Yitzchok Tuvia Weiss Shlita feels the ongoing construction is prohibited and Ravaad Eida Chareidis HaGaon HaRav Moshe Sternbuch Shlita feels it is permissible. The Dushinsky Rebbe follows the psak of Rav Sternbuch and is viewed as among those permitting ongoing construction.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. The sikrikim are not just plain delinquents, they are the super-duper ultra Orthodox who since they are soo very frum are (to themselves) obviously always correct and do not need to consult any rav or rabbi, but do what they feel is correct.

    Let us not confuse them with delinquents, they are not chilonim, but they may be worse…

  2. Halachic disagreement? Which posek holds it is permitted to verbally assault someone who issues a psak you disagree with? Which posek permits verbal assault by a regular guy against a talmid chacham and tzadik?

  3. Firstly does this terrorist right wing fanatic put himself on this revered rabbis level
    But more importantly these are no different than Isis or al qada they are right because god speaks to them and everyone else is wrong now it’s yelling what’s next signs designating where women can walk. Be heading those that disagree they need to be shunned thrown out of there shuls refused schadechim