More Arab Destruction to Kevarim on Har HaZeisim – This Time While Police Watch


hhaThe latest Arab vandalism to kevarim on Har HaZeisim was in the Gur section, carried out on Shabbos. In a shocking realization it is reported border police arrived in the area but they admit they were not ordered to act so they permitted the destruction to take place.

When masked Arabs were seen arriving in the area police were summoned. The border police force arrived but since the policemen were not given an order to intervene, they stood by and watched the Arabs destroy matzeivos. Damage to an unspecified number of matzeivos is significant.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. What a hypocrisy! when the chasidim protect kevurim the same police intervene without orders. They don’t permit the destruction to take place.

  2. Who says you may call them on Shabbos for this? It’s chillul Shabbos to call them. I understand that it’s a terrible thing to allow kevarim to be vandalized but there’s no heter for chillul Shabbos to stop them….