Israel: 14 Arrested In Alleged Money Laundering Operation Amounting To Hundreds of Millions Of Shekels


mishtAnother case involving chareidim and alleged money laundering is in the news in Israel. After months of an undercover investigation, police on Tuesday morning 6 Tishrei arrested fourteen suspects tied to an illegal operation. They are all suspected of money laundering amounting to hundreds of millions of shekels.

Police of the 433 (FBI) unit moved in and made the arrests. It is reported the ring operated in a number of countries including Belgium, Holland, France and the United States. The money generated appears drug related as well as relating to other illegal activities, police report. In addition to arresting fourteen suspects, seven others have been detained for questioning and additional arrests are expected.

Police have also searched homes belongings to suspects and confiscated documents and computers. Israel Police adds that arrests have been made in Europe and the United States as well, as law enforcement agencies in those countries are working with Israeli officials on the case.

Of the 14 arrested, 7 are affiliated with the chareidi community including one person well known money changer.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. I think I have found the solution to the shidduch crisis. All we have to do is stop calling criminals chareidim based solely on their dress, nusach, or address, and people will be more likely to marry the true chareidim that remain.