Petach Tikvah: Rappelling ‘Accident’ May Have Been Terror


mishTwo weeks ago, Netanel Roi Arami HY”D, 27, arrived in Petach Tikvah for work. He strapped himself up to the rappelling equipment he used on the multistory building and soon thereafter fell to his death. The family of the niftar immediately suspected foul play, but police insisted it was an accident. The accident occurred on September 16, 2014. Netanel was working outside tied to his equipment, having to close vents that demands working on scaffolding and in the air, hanging by the rappelling ropes.

The family insisted that his level of expertise was such it was not possible they his fall was due to an accident or negligence, calling on police to probe the possibility of sabotage. They explained that Netanel was hooked to the equipment as he should have been, urging police to check into the possibility that one of the Arab workers may have done something to cause his fatal fall. He fell from the 11th floor of the worksite.

It is now reported police believe the death was the result of terror and not an accident as indicated earlier. There is a gag order on the ongoing investigation.

The family plans to hold a march from their Bat Yam home to the local police station to step-up pressure on police. The victim was married and the father of two children, the youngest being 9-months and the older 2-years-old. His wife is in the early stages of pregnancy with her third child.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Not May have been – it was a cut rope by Arsb workers who laughed as the Yid fell to his death.

    Beware of Arab workers on construction sites, hotels & as guards.