New York City Council Sets 25 Mph Speed Limit


25mphThe New York City Council has passed a bill lowering the maximum speed limit on most residential streets to 25 mph.

The change is part of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s effort to cut down on pedestrian deaths. It will go into effect on Nov. 7.

It will apply to all streets where a maximum speed is not posted.

The current speed limit is 30 mph.

The initiative is part of de Blasio’s “Vision Zero” program that aims to eliminate traffic fatalities.

The council vote came on Tuesday.

Officials say that overall, the number of people killed in city traffic accidents has increased by about 15 percent in recent years.



  1. Im all for vision zero but the way it is in the present form where the total responsibility is on the drivers doesn’t make any sense. They should be talking about wearing reflective belts. What about distracted walkers. There should be greater emphasis on crossing at corners especially on major busy streets. Why cant they have a walk light only for pedestrians? of course they won’t since then you cant give yield to pedestrian tickets.

  2. Just another money making scam by the crooks that sit on the City Council, on the backs of the worthless taxpayers. Traffic accidents happen because people drive like maniacs or they’re playing with their stupid cell phones. This is very similar to the gun debate. “Guns” don’t kill people. Its the “person” shooting the gun that does the killing. Changing the speed limit to 25 will accomplish nothing to “prevent” accidents. Its the irresponsible “driver” that causes the accidents. It will however bring in millions in revenue. $$$$$$$$$

  3. Bigger scam was perpetrated in nassau county on fancy 5towners. Valley stream posted a 20 mph zone around a school on mill road. Except they installed a camera. They’re all racking up $80 tickets. Huge windfall for valley stream.