Photo Roundup [GALLERY #1]: Admorim And Rabbonim Sukkos 5775 (Photos By JDN)


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  1. Photos are interesting. 2 comments.

    1. There are no captions. I know who some of the celebrities are. Others not. Is there a way to note who the “star” is?

    2. The snide reference in #1 was intentional. I have no problem with anyone’s Avodas Hashem. That is between them and their Creator. I am finding the ever growing trend to photograph anyone, rebbe, rov, rosh yeshiva, mashgiach, dayan, or whatever as a serious diversion from the use of tzaddikim as models for Yir’as Hashem, Midos Tovos, and in general as role models. We limit our input of information to the splendor of their Batei Midrashos, their Sukkos, and their courts. The “Ikar” has been ignored and replaced by the colorful “Tofeil”. Something is very wrong with this trend.