Har HaZeisim: Matzeivah of the Gerrer Rebbe ZATZAL Vandalized


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hhaArab acts of vandalism in Yerushalayim continue as the tziyun of the Gerre Rebbes ZY”L ZY”A on Har HaZeisim was vandalized. Once again Arabs violated the beis hachaim on Har HaZeisim, an act that has become an almost daily occurrence. The latest attack appears to have taken place on Shabbos Parshas Noach as the rebbe’s and other matzeivos were desecrated. A large protest is planned in the coming days in response to the latest vandal attack at that location.

It appears the Arabs burned tires at the location as well as smashing matzeivos in the Gerre Chassidus section.

Jerusalem City Councilman Aryeh King released the following statement to the press. “I am outraged and call on Jerusalem residents to tear kriya, fast and observe a day of mourning. The beis hachaim on Har HaZeisim has been abandoned by police. The government has turned over control of the Jewish cemetery on Har HaZeisim to Fatah and Hamas.

“I just returned from a tour of the area and there is no police present. There are no surveillance cameras and the terrorists pulled out the poles that support the cameras. There is no lighting and the roads leading to the area are full of broken fragments from matzeivos in addition to burning tires. A firebomb was hurled at the tziyun of the Gerre Rebbe”.

King added “A large protest is planned on Har HaZeisim on Tuesday (4 Marcheshvan)”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. a few suggestions:
    1. Hire our own security force
    2. bring in the army
    3. establish a “sharis leumi” of chareidim to
    serve klal yisrael on zeisim and other mokomos hakedoshim

  2. When someone so much as spray paints a Magen David on the mt Zion Christian cemetery outside gate you have 3 arrests the next morning.Har hazeisim those filthy murderers can wreak havoc with reckless aplomb and no one gives a damn!