Renowned teacher Rabbi Manis Friedman is Presenting a Course for Men over the Phone


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A wise man once said, “For the first 50 years of your marriage, invest in your relationship every day. After 50 years, you can slow down.”

Last year, over 200 men participated in a course given by Rabbi Manis Friedman. A course that is timely and highly relevant for chassanim and married men alike.

The course is taught long distance as a tele seminar.  Participants use a web form to submit questions, and a full lesson is dedicated to questions and answers.

Past participants have shared how this course introduced them to a much deeper appreciation for the gift of marriage, refreshing clarity about their specific role, and has lead to a much needed shift for the positive in all areas of their marriage.

Rabbi Zalman Friedman, director of It’s Good To Know organization who organizes the course says, “We have done extensive follow up research, and reconfigured the course based on the feedback from our graduates. The new course outline reflects a greater urgency for the need for this educational course.”

When asked what makes this course unique, Friedman responded, “My father teaches through the lens of Torah.” Everything Rabbi Friedman teaches is rooted in Torah and there is no trace of pop psychology in this course.

It’s Good To Know is offering a 24 hour discount on the course registration for today only. Full price for the 4 part course is $129. Register today and save $32. Take advantage of the early bird discount and join this course for $97.

It’s Good To Know has put a 100% satisfaction guarantee on this course.

The 4 part course begins on 9 Kislev – December 1 and runs through 12 Kislev – December 4.

The calls are scheduled for 1-2pm NYT time. Call in to join the live call or register to receive the recordings and listen at your convenience.


Each lesson is recorded and sent to participants for reveiw.

Click here for the full course outline and to register for the course. You will be happy you did!


  1. Before allowing anyone as an expert , please provide their credentials for people to evaluate.Does he have a BA , MA or a PHD in any field ? Self appointed experts can be dangerous. Just look what happened in Willy with the young girls.

  2. @CHAIM36,
    And if he does have a Phd, what does that mean? That some non-frum minded person thinks he can speak about marriage? Why is that better?
    Rabbi Friedman is a bonafide Rabbi. Thats enough for me.