Rav Levanon: One May Not Sell Gas to Arab Motorists


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levanonChief Rabbi of the Shomron and Mora D’asra of Elon Moreh Rabbi Elyakim Levanon Shlita ruled one may not sell gasoline to Arab motorists.

The rav announced that Jews may not sell gasoline to Arabs in light of recent vehicular terror attacks and the sharp rise in acts of violence and terror against Israelis and security forces.

Rabbi Levanon spoke with Kol Chai Radio, explaining “Today, with every vehicle being a potential weapon for terror, each gas station that supplies gasoline to Arab motorists is providing the enemy with a weapon and ammunition and therefore it is prohibited at present”.

“Each vehicle is can be a terror weapon and each gas station supplying it is feeding the terror with ammunition. The Government of Israel and security forces are helpless and this war demands taking extreme measures…We must explain there is one goal and that is to eradicate the terror”.

“Arab vehicles must not be permitted to leave Arab areas. Arabs wishing to do so must use the bus. One who decides to use a private vehicle to attack others may not travel in a vehicle. This may be for a week, two weeks or a month, until such time they understand the nation has laws”.

“The attacks against us should uplift us and not the opposite. HKBH has decided on a new intifada and this is Hashem’s decision to awaken us. We must use this difficult period towards realizing we are in a process of continuous improvement.”

MK (Labor) Shelly Yacimovich was given opportunity to respond to the rabbi’s remarks on the radio. She said “Words of slander and racism and what is required now is not fuel added to the fire but words of calm”.

YWN-ISRAEL adds that during his tenure as minister of defense during the so-called First Intifada, Yitzchak Rabin implemented a directive prohibiting the sale of gasoline to Arabs in jerry cans since Arabs carried out terror attacks involving firebombs with alarming frequency.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. This Rav’s racist rant (in the guise of a psak din) should be ignored and he should be investigated for inciting violence. EY has a million arab citizens and they have the same legal commercial rights as any Israeli to purchase lawful products. How about not selling petrol to any settler on the west bank since it might be used to firebomb Arab homes and vehicles???

  2. Gadol

    When Bnei Brak Gedolim state as HALACHA not to hire ARABS for schools, restaurants & grocery stores…..Is that RACIST? or INCITEMENT? or to be IGNORED???

  3. Another NO solution. This is just an excuse to not cite the real Halacha in dealing with our enemies. Expulsion or death. Let’s see our “leaders” mentioning what the Torah REALLY says. Our leaders are cowards so we all suffer.