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Official Statement Following the Jerusalem Bus Driver Who Hanged Himself

egednOn Monday afternoon 24 Marcheshvan, an autopsy was carried out on the body of Yousef Hassan Al-Ramoni by personnel from the National Center for Forensic Medicine with the participation of Dr. Saber al-Aloul, who was chosen by the family.

The following statement was released by the Ministry of Health following the autopsy.

The findings of the autopsy indicate self-hanging. There were no findings that indicated the involvement of any external agent in the act of hanging.

We are continuing various laboratory tests in order to clarify whether or not any foreign substances are present in the body fluids.

During the autopsy, there was agreement – including by the pathologist chosen by the family – regarding the findings and their significance; there was no suspicion that death was caused by anyone else.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

5 Responses

  1. And yet the Palestinian official who was interviewed by the BBC stated emphatically that he was murdered, could not have been suicide. How do they get away with this outrageous lying and why does the BBC always fall for it, at our expense?

  2. Islam is not interested in facts; it is interested in pushing its own agenda which is basically taking over the world and part is recovering their land which was taken away from them by us second class citizens (dihimis) Jews.

  3. The Palestinian doctor concurred that the cause of death was suicide. I heard that after that he was taken to Ramallah and “persuaded” to say that it was not suicide. This was announced in the Arab media, and may have been a catalyst to yesterday’s attack.

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