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Words of Chizuk from Maran Maran HaRav Shteinman


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  1. The Realpolitik of the situation is that as long as the zionists agree to drop the idea of throwing yeshiva students in prison, and are willing to accomodate hareidim in the army, the hareidi political parties will be increasingly willing to join a government led the nationalist parties. Even now that would result in a 61 seat majority, and polls suggest it would be even higher. A solid nationalist-hareidi coalition could amend the Israeli constitution in ways that would make the secular left and the US government cringe. If the nationalist camp make small concessions now, they could reap a big benefit.

  2. Mr. Kuperman, give it a rest. The Jewish People are in tzar and all you can think about is politics.

    Read Rav Shteinman’s words again, and try to absorb them into your neshamah.

  3. True, we don’t know Heaven’s cheshbonos, but we can and should think of things that might help. Several thoughts (ask your Rabbonim if they’re worthwhile):
    1) Hashem took four very important human korbanos on Tuesday. Maybe if more people were to be makpid to say the korbanos that are required to be said in davening with proper kavana (see Piskei Teshuvos 48:1), He wouldn’t feel a need to take other kinds.
    2) Chazal tell us that “Amen, yehei Shemei Rabba” with kavana has the power to me bevatel gezeiros.

  4. “Mr. Kuperman, give it a rest. The Jewish People are in tzar and all you can think about is politics.”

    Empty-Kup Man is a bore reik, ain bo mayim.
    What he lacks in Torah (bore reik) he thinks is made up by his hateful politics (ain bo mayaim – nachasim and akravim).

    Being that you cannot understand the Hebrew above, let me give you an idea. Rav Shteinman says that we cannot understands Hashem’s reasoning. To avoid the travail of the time of Mashiah, we should learn as much as we can and do chessed.
    BTW, trolling on this web site doesn’t count for either.

  5. shazam:

    1. Politics is hows one can best respond to the world. The only other ways to directly influence the world of sheker involve military science and are quite messy. While it is nice to say “HaShem” will take care of things, people still have a responsibility for this world.

    2. The rest of Eretz Yisrael has been dealing with random terrorist attacks for years. Its not like this is new, to anyone except us.

  6. I am not sure, but I think it might help a lot if we daven to Hashem and ask him to please persuade all the Jewish people not to enter the area of the Har Habayis until the real true Moshiach arrives. Of course if we try to minimize Machlokes (fighting), that will also help a lot. The Kedoshim who were Niftar, they were the Korbanos for Am Yisroel.

  7. This tragic event should result in the Rav and other gadolim to reconsider the need for all to contribute to the national security and defense of EY; perhaps organize a special branch of the IDF or security forces to protect shuls, yeshivot and batei medrash, etc. as an alternative to military service for kollel yungerleit.

  8. Who are we to say anything ecspecialy when our gedolim say we don’t know the cheshbonos from shamayim, but a person thinks and we daven and ask chaneinu mitcha chochma bina vdas we want hashem should make us understand a little of what he truly means “maitcha”.
    By davening when i was thinking what does hashem want I was thinking it says in seforim that the reason why hashem is manish mida kineged mida is that we should understand what hasem wants from us and while i was davening it botherd me why is this not a chilul hashem to see hasems name so degraded chas veshalom by ehrliche yiden wrapped in talis utfilin laying on the floor in puddels of blood etc. etc. when it dawned on me, and again even if there are gedolei yisroel that do know cheshbonos its certainly not me, but a person thinks and I was thinking that perhaps of a lot of chilul hashem on our part this is the chilul hasem that hashem lets happen its an acumilation of chlul hashems. Now chilul hashem means that hashems name is not held in the proper regard be it everybody sepretly and everybody together (bechlal ubifrat) be it in shul in the street at work and even at home, actually every aveirah has some degree of chilul hashem even baseiser at home where nobody sees. Maybe maybe if we try harder to live al kidush hashem nobody will have to die al kidush hashem. (just sharing some of my thoughts if I may)

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