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Kiryas Joel May Propose New Village


Kiryas Joel officials have floated the idea of forming a separate village of 1,140 acres just outside Kiryas Joel borders, adding a new dimension to the heated debate over two pending petitions to expand Kiryas Joel by annexing parts of Monroe.

A map given to the Times Herald-Record and the weekly Photo News shows the outlines of the new municipality called Glilos Kiryas Joel, which would incorporate all Monroe land surrounding Kiryas Joel except 164 acres included in the second annexation request. The territory stretches from the Village of South Blooming Grove in the west to Harriman Commons Shopping Center in the east, and would consolidate properties on both sides of Route 17.

The village could be created by a referendum of the area’s largely Hasidic residents with no action by the Town of Monroe, Orange County or the state, potentially sidestepping the opposition and complications that have hindered the annexation proposals.


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  1. Why are people investing in Chutz laaretz. People do not realize the Tumah theyre in. Hashem has given the land back to us so why do we continue to reject it?

    Read Eim habanim Simcha now and make aliya. This was a previous Satmar Chassid who realised in the middle of the Shoah that they should have embraced the Zionist movement and made Aliyah. G-d has many ways to bring redemption and the best way is to confuse the Satan by dafka bringing the redemption via secular jews

  2. #1 that is a real funny comment.
    But it pains me that their hashkafa has so overtaken them that they don’t the the hypocracy of them wanting to create their own villages while they rant against Jews who simply BUY or BUILD homes in Yerushalayim because it gets the Arabs angry. And they are allowed to make non-Jews angry?!!

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