Don’t Miss the N’shei Yeshivas Derech Chaim Chinese Auction



N’shei Yeshiva Derech Chaim is known for the past twenty-two years for putting on a great Chinese Auction event. The 23rd Annual Grand Event and Chinese Auction Extravaganza, Blossoms of Joy, is sure to receive high praise in the annals of Tzedakah Events in the Jewish Community. The Chinese Auction architects have built a day of great excitement and JOY. Throughout the day, the shows will tantalize you, the prizes will excite you, free gifts with ticket purchases abound and the most generous special deals await you. We also recommend that you take full advantage of the EARLY BIRD RAFFLES being offered – 4 EARLY BIRD DRAWINGS FOR 4 HP TOUCHSMART FULLY LOADED COMPUTERS will be held Every Monday for 4 weeks from October 27th to November 17th. That’s four weeks – four computers!

What’s the hullabaloo about? Over 140 prizes! You have a chance to win the Kitchen of your dreams or perhaps you have been looking for a good deal on a beautiful Living Room, Dining Room or Bedroom set? Perhaps a whole new set of major kitchen appliances? Try it here for only $54 or $36.  No limit to the tickets you can put in. Maybe a Shopping spree will interest you? The Buzz, Eichler’s, Landau’s, Leiter’s Succah, Brenda’s, S & W, and more…even Macy’s is represented here. And look at the line of stunning jewelry offered…Chamoula’s – Imani – Double Header and more. In the Silver Judaica Department we have three offerings. If Torah is your life’s passion, we have major Torah publisher’s gift certificates, Shiurim iPod offerings and beautiful lifelike Gedolim Portraits. Computers, linens (Ben Barber Elegant Linen, of course) and appliances. There is so much to offer – you’ll find something for everyone!

And to keep you entertained throughout the day we have a great line-up of exciting shows and demos for you to participate in.

Victoria Dwek, Renowned cookbook author and Food Editor, will be on hand sharing exciting SECRETS OF RESTAURANT RECIPES, This will coincide with the publication her new book by that name, co-authored with Leah Schapira. Victoria Dwek will discuss and demonstrate recipes, tips, techniques, and cooking secrets from today’s most acclaimed kosher chefs that have been adapted for home use.

Before getting involved with restaurant recipes, take the time out to become a Challah Maven. Learn step-by-step from the Master Challah Maker herself, Devorah Heller, how to bake the most beautiful and most delicious challah and learn something about the mitzvah and segulos of hafrashas challah as well.


Bring along your little girls and join COOKIE DECORATING with Suri Messner of The Cakery. Spend quality time with your children while they let their imagination run wild and practice their creativity as they use cookie cutters and confections to create their own decorated cookies to take home and bake.


Entertainment favorites include Illusionist & Mentalist Extraordinaire, David Blatt.

David will wow you with his hat full of amazing tricks. Then bring your boys to The King of Storytellers, Rabbi Yitzy Erps – Live. You’ve heard him on JRoot Radio, read his colorfully illustrated story books and listened to his mesmerizing story tapes and CDs. Here he is…Live! Rabbi Erps will leave your children spellbound with his amazing stories, antics and feats. However, we won’t leave your girls out in the cold; they can join JEWELRY CRAFTING WITH Chaya Yittie Klein of Glimmering Gems and create their own fabulous personal necklace or bracelet to take home.


Now it’s time for the grown-ups to enjoy themselves. Topping off the evening, famed hairstylist,

Yocheved Gross will demonstrate easy ways to always look good and Make Your Hair Spectacular followed by A Step-By-Step Makeup Guide To ACHIEVING A FLAWLESS FACE with Famous Make-Up Artist, Shaindy Phillip. A Question and Answer session will follow each of these events.


With your hair and face looking its best, get ready for a special dinner appointment.

Preparing the main course but don’t know what ingredients you have to work with? Let’s see what the chefs of the Center for Kosher Culinary Arts can cook up. Be a part of the CHEF’S SHOWDOWN, a live culinary competition where the audience is the judge. Master Chef, Avram Wiseman will supervise the proceedings


Finally after a loooong day out, it’s time to relax with Laughter…It’s Truly the Best Medicine – Leah Forster Live! LEAH FORSTER is back with an all new side-splitting Comedy Routine that will leave you laughing OUT LOUD. It’s a fitting climax to a memorable day that will keep you warm and cozy throughout the long winter ahead.


Reward for being ahead of the game.


Every Monday for FOUR weeks, from October 27th to November 17th, a computer will be given away! The earlier you order the more chances you have to win these amazing computers.


Please join us on November 23, 2014 at the lavish Ateres Chynka. For more information such as a copy of our full-color brochure or to purchase tickets for the Chinese Auction call 888-322-0022, visit or email us at [email protected].


Looking forward to seeing you.