WATCH: Moving Video On Har Nof Massacre – Featuring MBD



  1. While extremely necessary to see, this video contains many of the graphic photos of the event that are difficult to watch. Please include some sort of graphic material warning in the heading so that we don’t have to censor YWN from our children. This isn’t just another beautiful video featuring MBD. It’s one that tears our hearts apart as we try to imagine the unimaginable that took place yesterday as we cry buckets of tears begging HKB”H to put an end to all of this. But it’s also one that many of us wouldn’t want our children to view (especially on their own).

  2. The initial posting of these pictures on YWN to reinforce the viciousness of this heinous killing I believe was justified both to inspire us to Teshuva (eino domeh sh’miya l’r’iya) and perhaps (a big perhaps…) awaken world sympathy. Using these pictures as part of a “music video” I believe crosses over the line of sensitivity and is wholly inappropriate.

  3. I find it unconscionable to create and post videos such as this. Where is kavod ha’meis? How would the relatives of these kedoshim feel about this video?
    There’s a reason the deceased are carried out covered, as opposed to out in the open. This video should be removed from circulation immediately.

  4. Rav Elya Brudny shlita spoke last nite & was said this tragedy reminded him of the slaughter at the chevron yeshiva 85 yrs ago. He then said over the shmooz rav yeruchem gave in the Mir how he lamented that the outcome of the slaughter was the Bochurim arguing who was worse the Arabs ymsh the british ymsh or the zionists. Laydeh today our reactions to such tragedies are videos, comments on YWN (yes including this one) & hashtags. Boy are we missing the message big time.

  5. Thank you YWN. It is important for people to see the truth of what is happening. Until now the media was bombarding viewers with pictures of Palestinian casualties. Well, let the world see what those excuses for human being have done. Yes, it’s uncomfortable too see all this, but it’s very necessary.
    Wake up America.