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IDF Move to the Negev on Hold – Treasury Won’t Forward the Funds

idfThe conflict between the Defense Ministry and Finance Ministry has been going on for some time and in the latest escalation between the ministries, the treasury is not forwarding the funds to permit the continuation of building the new IDF city in the Negev. In a harshly-worded letter sent to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Finance Minister Yair Lapid and the mayor of Beersheva, Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon explains he has given the word to halt the project due to the lack of funds.

The plan involves moving IDF bases from around the country, from areas of prime real estate, to one central area which will be known as the Ir HaBadim (The City of Bases), providing housing and employment for military personnel. Ya’alon cites the treasury has promised to forward nine billion shekels for the project but the money is not arriving. Ya’alon adds that Lapid’s ministry is releasing untrue data regarding allocations for the Defense Ministry. The defense ministry is critical of the treasury and its failure to understand the magnitude of this “national project”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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