Levi Rosenblatt Released From Hospital 8 Days After Being Stabbed Inside Chabad World Headquarters


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A Lubavitcher Yeshiva Bochur was released from the Bellevue Hospital Wednesday, about eight days after being stabbed by a man who was later shot and killed by police inside 770 Eastern parkway – Chabad World Headquarters.

Levi Rosenblatt was released from Bellevue Hospital Center after being treated successfully for a stab wound to the head, according to a news release.

“Mr. Rosenblatt suffered a knife injury to the blood vessels in an extremely sensitive area of his brain,” hospital chief of neurosurgery Dr. Paul Huang said in a news release. “Because of the resources available to us, as well as the experience and expertise of the nurses and physicians at Bellevue Hospital, we were able to deliver a very sophisticated level of care to this patient. He underwent a procedure to repair two blood vessels, which was successful. He has had an amazing recovery.”

Rosenblatt, 22, expressed gratitude for his successful treatment.

“I have a lot of people from way back in the beginning to thank, above all, God and the Rebbe who provided his blessings,” he said in the release. “Thanks to the Hatzalah of Crown Heights volunteer ambulance service, the NYPD, the doctors and nurses here at Bellevue and at Kings County Hospital, my friends who stayed with me in my room around the clock, my family who came from Israel to be with me, and all the people all over the world who have prayed for me.”

Rosenblatt was attacked early Tuesday, Dec. 9.

The suspect – Calvin Peters, 49 – was shot and killed by police soon afterward.

(Chaim Shapiro – YWN)


  1. “I have a lot of people from way back in the beginning to thank, above all, God and the Rebbe who provided his blessings,”

  2. To letzonei hador. While I concede that the language used is somehow odd, let me politely disagree with your leitzanus.
    A Tzadik can and does give brochos after 120.
    We find in the Torah that Kolev Ben yefune, went to Daven at kivrei avos.
    Many Yidn do that going to kivrei tzadikim and gedolim.
    In the gemoroh
    ובלשון חז׳׳ל (סוטה יג, ב): ״מה להלן
    עומד ומשמש אף כאן עומד. ומשמש״
    כלומר, שבהיותו במרום הוא ״עומד ומשמש״ את בנ״י הנמצאים
    בעוה״ז התחתון.
    If you look in the Zohar you will find many instances and quotes that prove you wrong as well.for example
    נאמר בזוהר הקדוש; “דצדיקייא מגינין על עלמא, ובמתתהון יתיר מבחייהון, ואלמלא צלותא דצדיקייא בההוא עלמא, לא אתקיים עלמא רגעא חדא” (הצדיקים מגינים על העולם, ובמתתם – יותר מבחייהם, ואלמלא תפילת הצדיקים בעולם העליון – אין העולם מתקיים אפילו רגע אחד).
    ועוד כתוב בזוהר הקדוש, “צדיקא דאתפטר אשתכח בכולהו עלמין יתיר מבחיוהי”. (הצדיק שנפטר, נמצא בכל העולמות יותר מבחייו), הן במילי דשמיא והן במילי דעלמא.
    I hope you got the point.