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Jew Arrested for Shouting ‘Hashem Hu Elokim’ on Har Habayis

hhaFour Jewish youths were arrested on Thursday morning 26 Kislev on Har Habayis in two different incidents, Honenu reports.

In the first incident as visitors were leaving the Holy Site. According to members of that group an Arab jumped on one of them and began attacking the person. A confrontation broke out and two Jews and one Arab were arrested.

As another group was visiting the site police claim that one of them shouted “H’ Hu Elokim”. Police pounced on him and placed him under arrest. When the second person decried the actions of police, he was arrested too.

The four were taken to a police station and a Honenu attorney responded to assist them.

It is pointed out that the Chief Rabbinate of Israel in line with the psak of Gedolei Hador Shlita prohibit visiting Har Habayis as there is a Chiyuv kares to those who ascend.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Do these idiots really want to pour gasoline on a fire? The security police on har habayis have enough difficulty assuring the safety of visitors and these bochurim deliberately try to provoke bloodshed. Its especially obscene since Chareidi yungerleit feel no obligation to share in the burden of serving in the security forces. Thus they throw the match on the gasoline and run away so that others can risk their lives putting out the fire. Maybe the security police should simply leave them to the mercy of the Palestinians and let them fend for themselves.

  2. 1.

    No sensible “bocher” or “yungerleit” would even go up there because we KNOW the punishment is KORES, so it would have to be someone NOT “chareidi.” It’s that simple.

    It is YOU who CONSTANTLY fan the flames of sinah here as well as other places where you post your anti Shomer Torah u’Mitzvos shtusim.

    I give you a brocha that have many children and grandchildren etc who are Shomray Torah u’Mitzvos or “charaidi” in your nomenclature.

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