Has Yahadut Hatorah Launched a Website?



It is unlikely if voters will ever know if Yahadut Hatorah has launched this website which asks visitors to vote for nine of the persons to represent the tzibur in the next Knesset. A lookup of the owner of the domain Yahadut-hatorah.co.il shows Yahadut Yahadut LTD as the registered owner, Nisim Gain 31, Elad Israel.

While the party is likely to deny any connection to an internet website, it would be a good way to conduct a poll of voters towards deterring the popularity of MKs and others on the list. Among the candidates one may select, there are askanim from the chassidish and litvish communities to choose from.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. This is a joke. Most of their voters will never see this website and it is clearly not any gauge of who is more popular.

    This is an amateurish job by some kidder.