Netanyahu Crops Out PA President Abbas From Photo Released Of World Leaders At Paris Rally



The following statement posted below and the attached photo was released by PM Netanyahu following the rally in Paris.

It is interesting to note that PA Mahmoud Abbas was cropped out of the photo released by the PM’s office. This was tweeted by the PM twitter account as well, and is attached below.

“I marched now in one row with world leaders in order to unite against terrorism. I told them that terrorism, any terrorism, must be fought to the end.

I would like to thank our security people, and the French security services, for allowing us – despite not inconsiderable difficulties – to participate in this important rally and to represent the citizens of the State of Israel.”

(Chaim Shapiro – YWN)


  1. The Murderer, Abbas, SHOULD be cut out! It was HIS people that were rejoicing after the twin towers fell! It is HIS people that rejoice after every innocent Israeli citizen is murdered by HIS people! What a disgrace that the French even let that Dog enter their Country!

  2. He didn’t photoshop it, he cropped it. I’m surprised he didn’t crop it more since the idea was to make Netanyahu seem bigger and more important (though any further cropping would have eliminated Lieberman which might not help with the next round of coalition negotiations).

    Both Abbas and King Abdullah were there, and my guess is there were some private discussions going on. Abbas is in a precarious position since if the Europeans and Americans decide that anyone supporting Islamic terror is the enemy (even though his support is largely limited to protecting terrorists from arrest and paying their salaries, rather than directing attacks himself) he would be in big trouble, which might be compounded if 100K French Jews move to Israel (which could tilt the political balance towards “transfer”).

  3. Really stupid. Netanyahu can stick his head in the sand but when he pulls it out, Abas and the PA will still be there. The PA or some other representative of several million Palestinians will be there and have to be dealt with before Israelis will ever be secure. Photoshopping Abas out of the photo of world leaders will not make EY secure.

  4. Poor Bibi. Had he posted the picture with Abbas included folks would have accused him of insensitivity or worse (along the lines of: ‘Jews were murdered by Muslim terrorists and look at him posting pictures of himself marching with that terrorist Abbas’). So he cropped (most of) Abbas out and he’s still catching it from the learned readers of YWN. Poor guy can’t win.

  5. akuperma, this is one of few times I agree with every word you wrote! “THIS” time you’re right on the money!

    And the world should have cut him out! The rag NYT should have cut him out! CNN and the BBC should have cut this two-faced sponsor of terrorism out! It would be like the Iranian ‘Lala-toe-la’ was be there marching along!

  6. Hey everybody – put your thinking caps on!!! Who cares whether he was cropped in or out. The question is why he came, and there is ONLY ONE REASON why the terrorist -in-chief (whose real name when he practiced terrorism on the ground was Abu Mazen and that is what we should be calling him)went, was certainly not to show he abhorred the acts, and not to show solidarity with his enemies the Jews – oops – I mean the Zionists, just the Zionists (ha ha). It is because he wants the French Parliament to love him even now, AFTER the horrific act that might just remind them of who he is more like. Have you all already forgotten that France was the only European nation to stubbornly place a vote FOR recognizing “Palestine” as a State?!?! Yes a couple of others – I definitely know about Sweden, they got a lot of press, did that in what they later claimed to be an impulsive but not well-thought-out decision, and which they later retracted when subject to world ridicule. But even AFTER that we have the unglorious French, pushing in that vote. Mazen wants to continue to curry their favor, nothing more, nothing less.

  7. #8: “Netanyahu can stick his head in the sand but when he pulls it out, Abas and the PA will still be there.”

    I agree. He should get rid of them for real, not just from photos.

  8. Abu Mazen, (AKA Abbas) is an arch terrorist. He was in the business long before most of the modern day terrorist leaders. He is a murderer with blood on his hands. He did not belong at that rally. He actively encourages murder. Always did. Still does. Always will. Most readers get it. A small minority are so blinded by hatred of the not-yet-frum-yidden that they lash out against anything and everything connected to the medina even if it means taking a pro-muslim position. Ridiculous.

  9. Not so extreme as charedi publications photoshopping Angela Merkel out of their re-prints of this historic image. Apparently women are as invisible to us as they are in Saudi Arabia – and please please, nobody try to explain this away as an inyan of tzniut (she’s covered from neck to ankle!)