MK Danny Danon at the Levaya for Paris Kedoshim HY”D


IMG-20150113-WA0073MK Danny Danon, the Chair of the World Likud, attended the funerals of Yoav Hattab, Philippe Braham, François-Michel Saada and Yohan Cohen in Jerusalem today.

“Yoav, Philippe, Fracois-Michel and Yohan may have been killed as residents of France, but there home was always here in Israel,” said MK Danon. “While some have tried to frame the Israeli-Arab conflict as a territorial dispute, it is now clearer than ever that Jews were not murdered in a supermarket in Paris because of construction in Jerusalem neighborhoods,” Mr. Danon continued.

“Last week’s attacks proved once again that while Jews may be on the front lines in the war against violent Jihadi extremism, the terrorists’ ultimate goal is not an Israeli withdrawal from our historic heartland, but Islamic fundamentalist rule over all of Western civilization. It is high time that our allies across the globe join us in defeating this evil instead of constantly searching for false moral equivalencies.” MK Danon concluded.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Cant figure out what causes YWN to report what Israeli News. Sometimes completely random pieces like this aare reported, but then they miss out on other fundamental stories.