Business Offering Office/Internet Services Opens in Ramat Shlomo Shul


3Mispallalim in the Siach Eliezer Shul in the Ramat Shlomo community of Yerushalayim explain they are not bothered or really aware of the operation of a new business that is set up in the shul. The business, which offers internet connectivity to those who require it for parnasa is called “דרכא אחרינא”. At present one is offered access to limited internet sites and computer access and the business hope to add printing and fax service in the future.

The company’s adverts promise the business is run in line with strict instructions from rabbonim and the atmosphere in the room is appropriate for bnei Torah. The fee is 3 shekels for 10 minutes of internet time and 12 shekels for an hour of work. At present, only men are permitted but the company plans to offer separate hours for women too.


(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem / Photo: Shlomei Cohen)