HaRav Mazuz: There is a Reason Ariel Sharon was Comatose for 8 Years


sharonHaGaon HaRav Meir Mazuz Shlita last week visited the Gush Katif Museum in Yerushalayim, and was given a comprehensive tour of the history of the Gush Katif communities and the destruction carried out by the government of Ariel Sharon in 2005.

Rav Mazuz, Rosh Yeshivat Kisei Rachamim and spiritual leader of the Yachad party, surprised his hosts with his vast knowledge regarding the Jewish communities of Gaza and the realities that exist since the Jews were expelled.

The rav was visibly moved by the photos, almost to tears, especially in the Black Room which shows the difficulties endured by the families evicted from their homes in the years that followed. He stated, “Sharon was in a coma for eight years as punishment for what he did”.

Rav Mazuz lit a candle in memory of the Kedoshei Gush Katif and then told of his visits to the area, months before the communities were ousted. Rav Mazuz warns that if chas v’sholom the left-wing comes to power, there will be more Jews ousted from their communities.

The manager of the museum, Shlomo Verstil surprised Rav Mazuz when he gave him a framed photo of him making a visit to the hothouses of the community of Ganei Tal.

Rav Mazuz also attacked US President Barak Obama’s position and warned us not to marvel the US leader.

In the visitors’ book Rav Mazuz wrote, “Nine and a half years since the expulsion, HKBH will bring us back soon”. Rav Mazuz praised the establishment of the museum in the heart of Yerushalayim to make sure Am Yisrael does not forget what occurred and had words of praise for those involved in the effort, which he labeled “Meleches Kodesh”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. So now we attribute health problems with not performing mitzvos?

    What about the frum folks that fall ill or the frei that live long healthy lives?

  2. Goofus, you should change your name to doofus. Since the dawn of time, Hashem has used physical illness as a punishment for sin. Chava’s labor pains, Pharaoh’s and Avimelech’s leprosy, Makat dever, Miriam’s tzaraat, etc. In fact, the Ramban writes that in case of illness, going to a doctor is the second choice. The first hishtadlut is doing serious soul searching and repenting for the sin that caused it.
    It’s no surprise that HKBH “shut off” Ariel Sharon right after this despicable act, before he could cause even more damage.

  3. There is already a famous video of Rav Ovadia zt’l right after the Gush Katif thing happened. He said that Sharon should “go to sleep and never wake up”. We all know what happened afterwards. Anyone an find the video if they want.

  4. So #2, what is the meaning of חס בראשו יעסוק בתורה, if not that the ills of the body or its healing, are connected with the performing of mitzvahs?
    A for why
    רשע וטוב לו, וצדיק ורע לו,
    It’s and old question and there are many answers, go learn about it in sforim like Taniah, but what happened to Sharon, you don’t need to be a genius to see how much Hashem loved him for the good deeds he did before gush katif that He gave him an opportunity for kaporoh in this world.

  5. frei who have long healthy lives is to pay the schar for their good deeds in this world, frum folks who fall ill is to pay for bad deeds and sharon fell into a coma because of being evil to other fellow jews.

  6. Goofus, that’s the oldest question in the book, some people get the zechus of onesh in this world and some need to wait for the next world, some get punished in both worlds. This is what R’ Mazuz meant that Sharon got punished in this world and the next world.

  7. He seems to be almost right. One of two things always seems to happen to evil people. They either fall ill or the get a fundraiser. Of course there could be exceptions as Hashem sees fit. My 6th grade rebbe got neither.

  8. What about the frum folks that fall ill or the frei that live long healthy lives?Goofus:- Answer to your question is that 8 years in a coma is not the norm, but extraordinarily unusual. Comas don’t usually last longer than about a year.

  9. #4 searchin345

    I also remember the video of Rav Ovadia saying that Sharon should go to sleep and not wake up. But recently I can’t find it on Youtube.