LISTEN: Satmar Rebbe Of Kiryas Yoel Slams PM Netanyahu In Speech



The Satmar Rebbe Shlita has come out in a harsh message against the “Head of the Zionist Klipa (קליפה)”.

“How does he have the insolence and chutzpah to tell European Jews to make aliyah to Israel?”

The rebbe also attacked Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s upcoming address before the US Congress in March 2015. He condemns Mr. Netanyahu for getting in the White House’s face. “This is chutzpah. He is not a mentsch. He is lowly”.

The rebbe made his comments during a motzei Shabbos Parshas Terumah seudas mitzvah in Antwerp, speaking in the New Satmar Beis Medrash. The rebbe reminded his audience how murderous Muslims around the world, particularly in Europe, have been killing Jews in cruel attacks and that we must daven that the “Shomer Yisrael” will continue to protect the “Sheiris Yisrael”.

The rebbe continued, addressing Israel’s call to European Jewry to come to Israel. He questioned after the murder of three talmidei yeshiva near Chevron if the “head of the Zionist klipos” called on all settlers to move from those areas? He added if when he decided to go to war this past summer and 70 soldiers and Jews were killed if he then called for Jews from run away from Israel? “From where does he have the brazenness and chutzpah to tell Jews in Europe to come to Israel? Does he have the ability to protect them” the rebbe added

The rebbe then turned to the prime minister’s planned address before the Senate and Congress in the US. “His actions defy the rules of accepted diplomatic rules of play. All previous Zionist prime ministers adhered to these rules. The State of Israel receives more than any other nation from the United States and what chutzpah he has to now defy the president of the United States. He is not a mentsch and he is not a diplomat. He is a lowly person”.

The rebbe added “Even among the Zionists they maintain he should not go and give the address. How does he dare place the millions of Jews living in the United States under threat of renewed anti-Semitic attack which may result from his actions? Can he also protect all the Jews of the United States?”

“The main busha is that the chareidim support him and give full backing to his actions” the rebbe ended.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Am I going to hell if my inclination only allows me to honor and respect a zionist PM Mr.Netanyahu who stands for truth even though not necessarily shomer shabbos or shomrei mitvos (who am i to judge anyway) more than this Rebbe?

    is this wrong of me in Hashems eyes kivayachal?

  2. b weather u agree fully with satmer shita on everything, his main points are right and where echoed by all the gedolim all the years it was just a question of how to deal with it

  3. I’m not a Satmarer but the Rebbe has a point.

    The enthusiasm with which Netanyahu & other Israeli leaders urge European Jews like me to uproot and live is Israel makes me wonder which side they’re on in our current difficulties.

    And is it really so clever for someone who purports to speak for world Jewry to tweak the nose of the most powerful man in the world?

  4. #2L eMac
    “Mr. Netanyahu who stands for truth even though not necessarily shomer shabbos or shomrei mitvos.”
    What is the basis for saying he “stands for truth?” He tramples upon the truth on a regular basis! He’s a secular politician, just like the rest of them. Do you mean to say that a Jew who breaks all the rules can still stand for truth? And more so than the Satmar Rebbe? BTW, you don’t have to judge him. Hashem already has.

  5. #2

    Recall the bills Mr. Netanyahu allowed to pass over the past year or so.

    He may be inclined now towards penance ,but he has a long ways to go

  6. ironic, this comes from a person who hates his brother and the brother’s followers even probably more than Bibi and even maybe muslims. I was once by relatives in Kiryas Yoel for simcha and was shocked to hear how much hate for Williamsburg Satmar those people have.

  7. “I think the whole point of Zionism is that the Jewish people would no longer be spectators to the decision-making that determines our fate. Remember, we were once powerless. We were once voiceless. We couldn’t even speak on our own behalf. Well, we can and we do now.”
    The above is a quote from Prime Minister Netanyahu speaking at the annual Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations.

    I believe that this is the real problem with that all Charedim (not only Satmar) have with Zionism and it’s leaders. They believe that “kochi v’otzi beyadi”. This is the same reason why Netanyahu tells the Jews of France to leave. Because in Israel you are safe because WE will protect you. But in reality we know that we are just as powerless now as we were before the state existed. (Not to mention the fact that since the creation of the state, more Jews have been killed in Israel than any other place in the world). We are only in Hashem’s hands and that is what we have to realize. Not to say that we don’t have to do hishtadlus. But we have to realize that our hishtadlus is not what gives us power.

    I am not a Satmar Chossid but I appreciate where this great man is coming from.

  8. Satmar’s additional prohibition regarding participating in Israeli elections and the like is essentially the extent of their status of “daas yachid”.

    But regarding Zionism as a whole, there is, essentially, no other “deah”. The greatest gedolim spanning over a century, from well before 1948 to including those who lived in Israel both pre-State and post-State, have condemned Zionism as Kefira, Avoda Zara and more.

    Regarding any politician standing for “truth”, the only truth we have is Torah, and certainly not, lihavdil, politics. Yet people take a politician’s word over Rabbi Teitelbaum’s?

  9. I wasn’t going to comment because although I think he’s right on this point I oppose him for various reasons however after reading some of the comments I felt compelled to say this. Zionism causes the violence in the middle East not Arabs and netenyahu is Stam looking to cause more anti semitism to achieve the goal of
    Getting more Jews to move to his state remember that every rabbi opposed the concept of Zionism so don’t tell me that he can help anyone as for the internal satmar dispute that’s a discussion for another time

  10. no matter who is prime minister, it is guaranteed that the Satmar Rebbe will be against him. The problem I have with him is that he is still fighting the battle of 1948 – whether or not the state of Israel should or shouldn’t be established. Its now 2015 and nearly half of the Jews in the world live in Eretz Yisrael. If a Jew doesn’t run the place then I am wondering who he prefers – a member of the PA, Hizbollah, Hamas or maybe he likes that new group – you know the guys who like to remove peoples heads from the rest of their body – ISIS. Give me an alternative just don’t rant against the Zionists – under whose watch more Torah has been learnt in this country than in any time in history.

  11. “He is not a mentsch and he is not a diplomat. He is a lowly person”

    Aha. So why does KJ ALWAYS support the lowest Pro militant Gay marriage/Pro partial birth abortion leftist Liberal candidates that are running for higher office?????????!

  12. The central issue is Pikuach Nefesh, the endangering of the lives of all the inhabitants of the Holy Land. If their intention is to kill – or even if their intention is unknown, but there is reason to suspect that it might be to kill – then, even if they have not yet arrived, but are only preparing their attack, we are to go forth against them with weapons and we may desecrate the Shabbos for this purpose. It is not Israel and Netanyahu that are a threat to the US- it is the Moslems. The US cannot guarantee that Iran will stand up to its words nor can Israel rely on the US to stand up to its words when it is threatened with a country that wants to destroy it, G-d forbid.

  13. Am I the only one who hates all of this sinas chinam! We already have more than enough enemies, do we really need to make more between our selves!! I’m just sick and tired of it

  14. A war is about to break out in Europe Russia vs Europe hashem is giving the jews a sign with these Muslim attacks that Jews should leave Europe. Hashem wants to bring massiah and end of days is playing out. jews must start returning to their land before they get in to another holocaust. Its when jews are together no one can break them. We shoudl stop these attacks on each other.

  15. We now recite 16 Berochos in the morning instead of 15.
    Between “Shelo Osani Goy” & “Shelo Osani Oved” we recite “Shelo Osani Satmar”.

    Chutzpo & Sinas Chinom has no place on the Jewish scenery.

  16. I am so glad I am not Satmar. I made Aliyah, I see my family in Europe facing an upsurge in Nazi ideology & antisemitism & I think, Thank G-d we have a home to run to.

    One thing that really bothers me – why are they here? Don’t tell me they don’t take from the evil Zionists – their mosdos use water, electricity etc. Don’t they pay those bills? They hate us as much as the Arabs, so I really think they should all move to Williamsburg, KY etc & learn to sponge off the USA instead of Israel. It will free up tens of thousands of homes for people who WANT to be here.

    Lastly – these schnorrerdik lowlifes cause many problems for the rest of us. You hate this country? Go away & leave it to we who love it. And ask your Rebbe to mind his own business, he doesn’t have the right to mix in to our politics. Let him go shmooze with Hilary Clinton instead, her hatred of Israel matches his. They have a lot in common.

  17. One must realize when the Satmar Rebbe speaks he specifically talking to those that hold by him. Taken out of context he appears to be giving bad advise but once one looks closer at the context of his comment there is no hiddush here. He doesn’t want his people listening or following directives from anyone other than him which is his right as a leader who has built back the great Satmar Dynasty from the last foray in Europe. When or if the time comes he too will bring his people away to where he feels they belong. He obviously doesn’t believe we are on the brink of another catastrophe like many of us do, I hope he is right.

    On the other-hand those who don’t follow him can make their own decisions on where and when to move.

  18. The views expressed are in line with Satmer’s Shita, so there’s no surprise there. Satmer has made being in Galus a key part of their Hashkafa, and anything that contradicts this is viewed as a threat to their lifestyle. So, of course they’re against Jews moving to Israel, irrespective of the threats Jews face in Europe.

    an Israeli Yid

  19. #36 Hill of Beans – yup, Europe is an absolute paradise for Jews, right? Just ask all my relatives who are still there – in places like Treblinka. Tehn again, ashes can’t speak, can they?

    The main reason for moving to Eretz Yisrael is that it’s a Mitzva, and there are numerous Mitzvos that can only be kept there. Chareidim always go on about being Moser Nefesh for Mitzvos – why not put your money where your mouth is and show some minimal Mesiras Nefesh by moving to Israel? I did!

    It’s worth noting that there’s a Halachic question as to what level of Sakana is enough to make one Patur from a Mitzvas Asei. The vast majority of Poskim do not consider the level of ambient risk inherent in living in E”Y to be considered Sakanas Nefashos, particularly in comparison to the risks faced by Jews throughout the generations when they lived in Galus. As such, citing the “risks” of living in E”Y as a reason for not going is typical Satmerite nonsense.

    And yes, I am personally familiar with the risk – I’ve lost friends and family, and currently have children in the IDF, in combat positions.

    an Israeli Yid

  20. #37 anIsraeliYid: You also have a tendency of putting words in other’s mouths. No one said anything about anywhere being a paradise. But a Jew certainly for the last 67 years has a far greater likelihood of being a terror victim in Israel than a terror victim in Europe. So if your sale is that it is safer in Israel than in Europe as your PM insinuated as did yourself in #35 (“irrespective of the threats Jews face in Europe”) than are selling a lie.

    You also ignore that Israel faces a greater risk of a nuclear bomb from Iran than other countries currently face.

    Do you also berate Rav Moshe Feinstein, Rav Yaakov, the Chofetz Chaim, Rambam, etc. for not moving to Eretz Yisroel?