MK Rabbi Horowitz’s Vehicle Hit in Jerusalem Rock-Throwing Attack


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parMK (Bayit Yehudi) Rabbi Hillel Horowitz was targeted by terrorists who attacked his vehicle with stones in Yerushalayim. The rookie MK was traveling both to and from Har HaZeisim for a memorial for the late Prime Minister Menachem Begin when attacked. On the way back following the memorial, Horowitz stopped the vehicle and ran after the attackers. B’chasdei Hashem he and his passengers escaped injuries.

Horowitz calls on Israel Police to increase its presence in the area and to take a more aggressive approach to law-enforcement against those responsible for the rock attacks. “A week after the petira of Adele Biton we should be more cognizant regarding the life-threatening dangers of such attacks” state Horowitz.

Horowitz added “Yesterday the mayor of Yerushalayim responded to an attack but he cannot be in every place every time. The police must act more aggressively in the eastern capital to prevent the next tragedy, which almost occurred today” he concluded.

Horowitz was appointed to fill the MK slot of the late Uri Orbach. He is a veteran resident of Hebron’s Jewish community.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)