HaRav David Yosef Publicly Says That Eli Yishai ‘Can’t Read Without Nekudos’, And Is A ‘Total Am Ha’aretz’


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dyoNo one really knows what the story will be on the day following the 20th Knesset elections but if the polls are any indication, the Shas party is hurting badly. Deri continues to drop in popularity polls, rated the least trustworthy MK.

Shas as a party is running an interesting election campaign, based primarily in efforts to discredit Yahadut Hatorah and Yachad. This week, Shas leader Aryeh Deri accused Yaakov Asher and Moshe Gafne of campaigning in Shas territory in an effort to steal Shas voters away. Deri tells the media he is calm and optimistic, but the polls paint a less than optimistic picture.

In response to Deri’s accusations MK Asher explained he is unaware of any such organized effort but Gafne’s response confirmed Deri’s allegations. Gafne stated that in the past Yahadut Hatorah has not but today, it is all fair game and Yahadut Hatorah is looking for votes wherever it can, including in Shas territory.

In his effort to discredit Eli Yishai, Rabbi David Yosef Shlita, a member of Shas’ Torah Council, has tried portraying Yishai as a total ‘am haaretz’. According to Rabbi David Yosef, “Eli Yishai cannot read [Hebrew] without vowels”. Rabbi Yosef spread his message far and wide as he made his statements during the Yeshivat Yechavei Daas kenos on Wednesday, 6 Adar.

“I remember when my father and master appointed him head of the party. I told my father ‘that man is a boor am haaretz’ and everyone that was with us till today has a torah background”.

Rabbi David explained then Yishai came to study chavrusa in the yeshiva and it soon became apparent he was unable to read without vowels.

Responding to Rav David’s words Eli Yishai stated “I forgive him with a full heart, even regarding these painful words”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. They need to remember that the day after the election, Shas and Yachad will probably be working together, and they should try to avoid saying things that will interfere with that.

  2. I trust him no more. This is Rav David Yosef who shouted a few weeks ago how Eli Yishai was kicked out by his father when everyone knows it’s the furthest thing from the truth. It’s as clear as day that Rav Ovadia wasn’t excited to replace Yishai with Deri.

  3. I would like to see proof that he said such a statement, A Gadol Hador such as Hacham David with broad shoulders to take on the whole world with the amount of torah he knows would never comment like that about a fellow Jew, and too all of you whom are judging him, I hope your all on his level to make such disgusting comments against a gadol hador and a tzadik ben tzadik you all should be ashamed!

  4. Eli Yishai studied for years at two major charedi yeshivas: first at Porat Yosef and then at Yeshivat Hanegev. R’ David Yosef’s assertion that Yishai still cannot read without nekudot is a stunning condemnation of the charedi yeshiva world.

  5. Ok, now let’s say he can’t read without nekudos… What is that an indication of? A reading challenge

    , is that a flawed Midah? Uncontrollable anger? Lack of integrity? Failings in Yiras Shamayim? —

  6. Please, Please, don’t believe everything you read!! Even if R’ Dovid Yosef said these words they were probably taken out of context, and not meant to be publicized.

    Please YWN stop posting these articles that challenge our emunas chachomim, you are stirring up machlokes and being mevazeh gedolim.

  7. I’m sorry, I cannot believe such a chashuvah Rav would say such terrible things. WE DO NOT SPEAK THAT WAY !!! We say, it would be better if…., we say I would do it that way…… BUT we frum Jews DO NOT denigrate another person, and certainly in public.

    I truly hope he was misquoted, because if not, what have we been reduced to ??

  8. Just because some said that is what the Rav said what makes it true. If one believes the media straight up he is a fool. The media is always making things up just to catch the eye. It doesn’t matter Jewish or Non-Jewish they make up stores and lye.

  9. This is proof that Rabbonim shouldn’t be involved in partisan politics. It diminishes them and causes harm to Torah. He has no credibility left. We see the same foolish comments from other Shas Rabbonim.

    Hopefully, Shas voters are seeing all of this and will vote for Yishai, who was always far more respected.

  10. #24

    1) That is vague
    who is define where “partisan politics” start and
    and matters of national import end?
    2)A potentially dangerous slippery slope.
    (Rabbonim e.g.”are only for doubts in your kitchen” was the foundation of the Conservative Movement and others).

    Shas is rooted in Mid East, where Sharia has always superseded and always retained right to interfere in narrow national politics,however you may like it,

  11. I listened to the video. IF such a video exists, you linked the wrong one.

    Moderators Response: Without taking any sides here, the video is correct, and the public bashing begins at 0:50 in the video until 1:08.

    Here is a direct link to all those in question. This was said in public. https://vimeo.com/120669856

  12. How are these types of comments pleasing in any way to our Heavenly Father? Is this what H- wants from us? To be guttersnipes like the other nations? So much for leaving Egypt, it seems that we need to do a better job leaving Egypt. It’s still true, “this year we are here, next year…”