Photo Essay: Levaya Of Seven Sassoon Children Z”L In Yerushalayim [UPDATED 1:00PM ET]


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  1. When we say the bracha of “Mechaye Hamaysim” three times every day, we are now also talking about these Sasson children a”h, and all Yidden who passed, and ouselves. Perhaps we can help, by saying that bracha with great KAVANAH!
    The Rambam teaches us that this belief in Techiyas Hamaysim is ESSENTIAL for being Jewish (Ani MA’AMIN, NUMBER 13).

  2. we see that everything is in life is gornish, when such a tragedy occurs. we need to mechazek this man who is suffering the worst the unthinkable.

  3. #2.

    We have to be mechazek each other! We are all in mourning, heartbroken, and lost. Now, thinking how we are all hurt, imagine this fathers, mothers, and remaining sister May h-m send them a speedy and full recovery, imagine their pain, it’s just unimaginable.

    We could accept something good in which merit may h-m send moshiach and he will reunite our brother and sisters, (father, mother and daughter) with their kin. May it be soon iy”h.

  4. seriously the most heartwrenching scene ive seen in a while.You could see the father pushing through the crowd to be there while they put in each aron into its van. so the oldest daughters aron was further down the mountain; he pushes thru the crowds up and pushes thru to put the aron of the other van and then upwards and then he ran back….. As if he wanted to do one more thing for his babies. put them all into their vans….. You can see on his face that those were the final moments with his children….. hashem yishmor!

  5. i dont like it how so many people who should be learning during this time, are looking at this utter tragedy and having entertainment value from it and even taking pictures, only profesionals should be taking pictures, the father is in gehanom dont make a spectacle of it.

  6. There’s a very big mitzvah to be melave a meis, which is doche bitul Torah.
    These yeshiva bochurim should not be looked down upon for being mevatel torah.
    Additionally, for most yeshivas the Zman ends chodesh nissan, these boys may be giving up their vacation for kavod acharon. What a big kiddush hashem!